Afraid to send back designer shoes

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  1. I won a pair of Louboutins and received them on wednesday. They looked like obvious fakes and that was confirmed when I posted pictures in the Louboutin authentication thread. I opened up a paypal dispute and I emailed the seller and this is how it went:

    me:Hello. I received the shoes today. These shoes are not authentic. It is illegal to sell unauthentic items. I would like a refund. Please advise.


    First of all you dont start off by saying things like illegal that sounds like you are trying to call me a thie off somkind who the hell would make fake shous. i have never herd off this brand as i seid to someone who asked me i dont remember you asking me anything and even if you would my anser would have been the same there shous a]thats all i no about them no if your not happy with your purchase thers other ways of telling me but not by starting off so insulting
    think about what you want i,m not going to pay any fees on this thats on you. but if you like i,ll give a partial refund and keep the shous let me know

    I didn't say anything nasty and didn't mean to insult you. I'm sorry if you took it that way. The fact is that Louboutin is a designer shoe. There are many fakes out there. I'm not calling you a thief. I didn't say you stole the shoes, but wherever you got them from, they are not authentic. Since the item was not allowed to be placed on eBay in the first place, if I file a dispute for shipping charges, I will not be held responsible for them. I already contacted eBay and they confirmed this. - Michelle

    well why where you so quick to open a case agenst me on e-bay. what makes you a pro on whats real and whats not. yousend me back my shous and when i see that you didnt switch them and that there the exect same shoes i sent you then we can talk about a refund. or you can keep the shous and i,ll send you $50.00 bucks and call it evan there a nice pair of shous i ask my boyfriend and he sed he spent over $350.00 for the shous but thay are worth more then that

    I'm not a "pro" but real authentic shoes do not have air bubbles in the soles and louboutin soles do not have ridges on them. These shoes retailed for $1,295 - not $350. See here -
    I do not want to keep the shoes. I will be sending them back for a refund. - Michelle

    seller: ok send the shoes and i,ll take care off it

    this has happened all since wednesday and last night she closed the paypal case, declining the refund and posted this message "
    we have agreed that you will return the shoes and then get your refund. send shoes beck and then we can see about refund"

    So now I am scared that if I send the shoes back she will claim that I replaced them with fake ones. What do I do??
  2. i paid 189.50 for the shoes. Just was checking her current listings and she has relisted the shoes! for $75 buy it now! clearly her "bf" didnt spend over $350
  3. Yikes! So did she use a fake picture in her listing when you bought the shoes?
  4. i don't think so, i stupidly didn't have them authenticated before I purchased because I found them when there was only a few minutes left on auction. Her pics don't show very good detail. These are the pics she posted..

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  5. and these are the pics i took of them when i received them and posted on authentication thread

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    Open a case with eBay. She doesn't have the right to "close" those and decline a refund, as eBay will decide the outcome. I know what you mean though, I did that with a merchant who I paid through PP, but it wasn't an eBay auction.

    Open an eBay SNAD case. Then escalate it to a claim. Tell your side, that they are fake and refer to her messages. They will ask for more info if needed. She is not going to "see" about your refund. Once the case is decided in your favor (and it will be) you will send them back and eBay will refund bid price + original shipping if she doesn't do it on her own.

    Don't communicate with her anymore, and DO NOT send the shoes until you have settled the case with eBay. If you send them without all of this being documented, I don't think you are guaranteed your $. PP doesn't do SNAD disputes, just INR disputes. I think that is why she was able to just decline the refund and close it. They kind of just let the parties work it out for themselves.

    Anyone else please jump in here if I have misconstrued anything. But I wouldn't worry. eBay's Buyer Protection Program is great for the Buyer. You will most certainly get your $ back. The fact that she admits that she doesn't even know if they are real is LOL funny, and icing on the cake in your claim. Good luck.

    PS: You may also point out to eBay that she has listed them again, though you still have them. WTF, did I get that right? Count the listing violatons: You can't list something that is not in your posession because you sold it to someone else. PLUS, you can't list something that you do not know to be authentic...this lady needs to be removed.
  7. But maybe she has more than one pair of those.....
    Just go with the advice given here, and next time remember to have stuff authenticated first (although I know it's tough when it's down to the last minute and you want something so badly )
  8. Also, I just went through this a couple of months ago on a "like new" bag that was actually damaged. It really wasn't that big of a deal. The most stressful part was the back and forth with the uncooperative seller. After you open the claim, you really don't have to talk to her at all.
  9. I had contacted eBay live help and spoke with 2 different people because I wasn't satisfied with my answer. Both people said I had to contact paypal.. and one of them told me to report the seller to trust and safety.

    I got off the phone with paypal a few min ago and the guy explained to me that I need to escalate to a claim and they will get info from the seller and then give me a valid address to ship to. Then I will provide tracking info and will get a full refund once the shoes are delivered. He said I will be refunded for the shipping of seller to me but not the shipping of me to seller. Is that correct? I thought there was a way to be refunded for both shipping if the return is not at the fault of the buyer (especially in this case where the item should have never been listed in the first place)

    I'm not sure what SNAD and INR stand for. Is it too late to file a claim with eBay since I did with paypal?

    I will take your advice and have no further contact with the seller. I have a feeling though that she will contact me with a nasty message when she sees I escalated to a claim.

    Yes you are correct.. she has relisted the shoes even though they are in my possession. Who knows, she could have a whole closet filled with these fake things. I'm debating whether or not I should report that auction or have her deal with a problem when the auction ends in 6 days and she still doesnt have the shoes lol
  10. SNAD means significantly not described, and INR means item not received.

    I think you were right to file with PP, and I *think* usually the buyer does have to eat the cost of the return unfortunately. I think I remember reading a few cases where PP credited the cost of return shipping as a gesture of goodwill, but I think this is the exception not the rule.

    Also, I believe you can only file with PP or eBay, not both but maybe some of the more knowledgeable ladies here could confirm this.

    P.S Really sorry this happened to you, hopefully you can get rid of those nasty fakes and get your refund asap:flowers:
  11. You cannot open a dispute w/ ebay, as you already have a dispute open w/ PP. The advice PP has given you above is what you need to do. And IMO, you need to advise PP that the seller has already re-listed the shows on ebay and give them the auction #.
    If PP finds in your favor, they typically will refund the transaction amount.. price paid plus original shipping, but require the buyer to pay for returning the item to the seller.
    PP will adivse you when and where to return. Ship insured w/ online tracking and online signature confirmation.
    Do not close your PP claim until you have a refund.
    Do not correspond w/ the seller any further.
  12. I am sorry for the misinformation. I really thought that if the PP claim was closed by the seller and not PP without a refund being issued, that you could just use eBay's Buyer Protection Program.
    Ellie Mae,
    In the future, would you suggest that people go directly to eBay instead of PP? The part that threw me was that she said the seller closed the PP claim. It seemed optional that she return the $, whereas I know once eBay closes the claim in your favor, they have no choice.
  13. No worries Sydney, the paypal claim wasn't closed, the refund was denied. So at that point I had an option to escalate it. So maybe it was closed at that point but I reopened it?

    I appreciate everyones advice. Paypal just emailed me with the address so I'm going to ship it back today.
  14. Correct, one can open a claim w/ either ebay or PP, not both.
    Per ebay's new Buyer Protection Policy, ebay does indicate that a dispute for an ebay purchase be opened in the ebay resolution center. However, they also state that a dispute can be opened w/ PP, if buyer paid w/ PP. So, I suppose it is a buyer's choice.
    The protection policies & process are very similar. One notable difference is that the ebay protection policy ALSO covers ebay transactions paid for by approved payments methods other than PP.

    GOOD, this is good news. And thanks for the clarification as to "claim closed", as is my understanding that only PP or the person who opened the claim can close it.
  15. Ellie Mae,
    I have one more question, I could have sworn that PP decided INR, but not SNAD (I have opened one and lost). I thought I read a case recently in this thread where the bag was fake (and the wrong color?) and PP still decided in the seller's favor. Is that just for transactions outside of eBay? Is that where I am mixed up? So on eBay, PP and eBay protection is basically the same, but off of eBay, PP only decides cases of INR, not SNAD. Does that sound right?