Afraid of the bathtub?

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  1. DD has been getting baths in our sink/tub that fits into the sink since she has been born. She LOVES bath time. Splashes, giggles, and smiles... She has grown a lot and is now trying to pull up/out of the bathtub in the sink. It feels like the right time to move her to the bathtub d/t safety.

    This past week we tried giving her a bath in the tub. I even bought this cute duck that sits in the tub so it isn't quite so overwhelmingly big. The first bath I think I made the mistake of putting her in while the water was still running and she started screaming. I immediately turned the water off and soothed her. She was still fussy throughout the bath so I finished it up very quickly. Fast forward to the next night, I filled the bath before I brought her up. As soon as I sat her in the bath, she immediately started screaming. She is not a crier and it is just the worst shriek ever! I handed her toys and was calm and still could not soothe her. Not sure what to do, I stripped down and hopped in with her! She stopped crying and still seemed apprehensive but we were able to get through with no tears. Night #3- Filled the bath prior to taking her upstairs, also undressed her to a diaper and cuddled while we walked upstairs, set her down nice and easy into the tub and she immediately started screaming!

    I don't know what to do??? Last night we bathed her in the sink and she was happy as can be. Any advice?
  2. maybe try the little baby tub placed in the normal bathtub for an easier transition?
  3. ^^Yes, I would buy a baby bathtub and put that into the big tub. Fill it with water and toys and put her inside that. Hope it works!!!
  4. I bought this little duck that is a mini-tub and she still hated that, but I will use the one we have been using in the sink and see if that helps!!
  5. you may just have to keep trying it...she will get used to it.

    i made the mistake of having k-kay take baths with me ALL the time. so the one time i tried to let her take one on her own she didn't like it much, so i had to hop in with her. she takes showers with dh and i for now...i hope the dislike for alone bath time goes away soon...
  6. It is possible she just feels like it is too huge or maybe low? I used to put a towel on the bottom of the bath to make the bottom feel nicer than the tub but my 2 kids had a hate the bath at a young age but slowly got over it. I do remember putting a bath mirror on the tile side of the tub and lots of toys to play with--that helped. Have you thought of taking a bath with her?
  7. not sure how old is your DD but I bought this bathing chair which attached to the bathtub and both DD loooooooove it!!! both DD were able to sit on their back when I started to use the chair, hopes this helps ;)
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    If she's happy in the sink and fits there, maybe just go with that for a while. We have the same problem with DS, and he's almost two. We tried the baby tub in the big tub, hates it. Tried it on the floor in the shower (we have a big shower that's separate from the tub), hates it there. Our best guess is that he doesn't like to be so low down, since he's perfectly happy to just sit and play in the kitchen sink or to be in the baby tub up on the sink. Honestly, it's easier on my back that way, and less worry about slipping in the big tub or drowning (while he can sit in the sink, he'd have to really maneuver himself to lie down and get his face in it), so it's not a battle I've chosen to fight so far. One of these days, we'll have to switch, but for now he still fits!
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    maybe she's cold since the sink is a bit more enclosed than the bathtub?
    my daughter would scream too but now i put a warm wash cloth on her tummy while i wipe her down with another wash cloth. i also put her towel in the dryer so it's nice and warm when she gets out. eta: i turn the shower on for a couple of minutes and close the door. then when it's nice and warm in there i turn the shower off and put her in the tub. (i have a separate shower and tub)
  10. Thanks for all of the advice!
    We are going to just keep her in the sink and try again in a week or so and see how she does. I do think it has to do with her being low to the ground. She has a lot of separation anxiety right now so we are going to just give it a little time. Bath time is one of her favorite times of the day so I don't want her to associate any negative feelings with it.
  11. How much water is in the tub when you're putting her in? The amount of water may overwhelm her.
  12. ^^ Not a lot, in fact less than when she is in the sink.
  13. i started putting HAYDEN in the suction chair that goes into his tub.;We went out and bought LOTSA bath toys...bath crayons,finger paints.Bath time is his FAVE thing ever.
    I would get in the tub with her and make it fun , a game.then she will know its a fun time and not be scared!!!!!
    Bath toys r KEY..we have them all.He loves dixie cups in the water too....he dumps them and loves to make a mess!LOL!
  14. ^^^ we have tons of toys too! she LOVES playing with them in the sink- it's literally probably her favorite time of the day... for some reason she doesn't want anything to do with the toys in the real bathtub. She will be calm if I hop in with her, but I also don't want to make that a habit.
  15. This is a difficult problem to solve after the fact. The best approach is to bathe a child in a smaller container placed in the tub so the child is still contained, but gets used to the location. Have you tried a smaller washtub or basin placed inside the tub? That might keep her closed in enough to feel safe, but get her used to the location of the big tub without overwhelming her.

    We always bathed the kids in a little tub placed in the big tub so that when they outgrew the little tub they still were used to being in the tub. I, too, like the suction chairs (some have been recalled because they fell over while someone wasn't watching, but common sense says that no child should have been unattended in ANY tub anyway). It helped my kids sit up, feel confined and safer, and helped get them used to the amount of water in the bigger tub.