afraid of selling exp stuff on ebay. am i paranoid?


Sep 10, 2007
so yesterday night, i was at the last part of an ebay submission..... have uploaded photos, keyed in all the descriptions, and just when i had to confirmed on it, i chickened out because i remember something that i had read here.
i was putting up a sale for my friend and the thought of someone bidding for it and then returning me a fake one to dispute about authenticity issue suddenly scare me.
i remember reading something about bidders returning fakes here and because the item is not even mine, because i do not want to risk the 2 thousand dollars, i have decided to talk my friend out of selling it on ebay.
i sold through ebay before but just never sold something of that amount.
while i know that there are many others who sell more exp things than that.. i just want to know if ebay now is really safe enough for that?
i've met nice buyers but the crooks there scare me too.

do you ladies think that its worth a shot to try selling on ebay and what precautions should i take to prevent any fakes from coming back to me?


May 4, 2007
Be cautious but don't need to be paranoid. Selling on eBay is not that scary, but it is true selling is slow right now. Make sure to indicate your payment requirements clearly (e.g. how many days to complete the payment and PayPal confirmed addresses only), give complete description, and take a lot of good photos. Wish your sales will go smoothly. Good luck!


Nov 24, 2007
If you are really worried you could start off by just selling in the U.S.A and work your way up to other countries. That is what I did. Also don't forgat to write in your description that people with less than 10 positive feedback need to cantact you before bidding. This really, really helps. Good Luck!!!