afraid of my future,... opinions needed

  1. for you gals(/guys) who dont make your own money and get your designer handbags from your parents,
    have u ever feel afraid that when you have to be financially independent, you maybe wont be able to indulge urself w those beautiful bags?

    for parents here, what do you think about that in parents' view?
    when you give your children luxurious things, arent you afraid that in the future, they might not able to afford those by themself (at least when they're just starting to work), are you planning to keep giving em financial support eventhough they already have jobs?

    i get all my bags from my parents (they r ok w buying me designerbags, not too often though). i've done some part time jobs, but the money i got from those can't even buy, lets say, lv mono pochette :huh: .
    after i graduate n have my own real job, i really hope my parents wont need to support me financially anymore (that means no expensive stuffs for me, i even have to think about house, cars, n other daily needs).. i even plan reject if they do help me w money n i want to buy my parents luxurious gifts to express my gratitude to em.. but i think its not that easy in real life huh :Push: ?

    btw, thx for reading :smile:
  2. I was just thinking about that! I'm totally dependent on my parents. I've worked summer jobs and afterschool jobs etc. and I'm about to graduate but they have yet to mention cutting me off.

    My mother has no problem feeding my addiction to handbags because she insists on using them herself anyway. So, I guess when she buys me a bag, she's buying herself one too. She' very generous when it comes to sharing her stuff. However, I DO want to be financially independent but I just dont' see that happening if I want to continue living the lifestyle I'm used to living.

    I know for a fact that they won't ask for nor take any cash from me after I land my first job because they won't need it. This is def. something we haven't really talked about yet and should do soon. taking the initial step into adulthood is scary.
  3. I’m a stark contrast to the both of you. I’m still in high school (24 days away from the graduation! Woot!) and I’ve never expected my mother to indulge my extravagant habit, nor would I ever want her to. I work my butt off at my mother’s movie theater and that’s how I’ve afforded myself the nearly $2000 worth of designer things. I just support myself; so I’d have to say that I’m not worried at all about my future in terms of my addiction. I could see how one would be though…
  4. I always paid for my bags somehow. Granted, now and then my parents give me cash gifts, so that helped. But yah, my parents dont know what I buy :smile:
  5. Decisions, decisions.

    Think about it: Go to college, get a degree, get a job that pays $100K or more, and you can buy all the designer bags you want.
    Think about your future more than just, "will I be able to buy my favorite bags?" That's very myopic. Or not. Let it be your motivation.
  6. my mom is dead and even when she was alive, she knew I shopped a lot, she just reminded me, "You dont need all those things" so I guess, I will not be depending on her.. hehe.. but I think if u buy bags and u can afford it on ur own, and parents are willing to add some money, thats good..
  7. as long as I went to college my parents indulged me in nice handbags on xmas and my birthday - plus I would always negotiate 'deals' with my parents to get handbags and shoes: i.e. I would do the ironing and wash the cars for 2 weeks and earn enough 'points' (because if they paid me money I would blow it) and then they would take me to Nordstroms and charge up my accumulated points towards my handbag or shoe purchase.

    it taught me how to budget my money and also the art of doing side projects to get the 'want' items and not have to dip into my 'need' money to indulge myself...

    good luck!
  8. now that you bring it up, that is a scary thought. i still have a full senior year ahead of me as well as many years of college, so i'm not quite as close as you are to having to worry about my future. but i know for a fact my parents plan to support me until i am done with college and med school (i think it's going to med school as of now) and until i get settled into my job. they haven't let me work at all during my years of high school nor am i allowed to during any of the rest of my schooling, so they make up for it.
  9. I know that my parents will support me with money for college but I don't expect them to buy luxury goods for me. They don't believe in spending an outrageous amount on bags, shoes, or clothing. If I want an expensive bag, I save up the money and buy it myself. It's tough since I don't have a steady job yet but I think that H&M is going to hire me on Friday. :biggrin:
  10. i would have never asked my parents to support my habit. my designer fetish is recent, but if i had tried asking for the stuff i have back then, they would have laughed me out of the house. :smile: growing up, i never wanted for ANYTHING, but at the same time all of my fun money was my responsibility. i've had a job since i was car and insurance, movies, dinners, books, clothes, etc all came from what i earned. my parents were always ready with an extra twenty here and there when i ran short, but as i got older, those 20s were fewer and fewer. i think it was a great learning experience on managing my money.

    right now, i don't make alot of money, but we are comfortrable. it takes me a few months to save for most of my luxury purchases (anything over 200 dollars) makes it that much sweeter when i actually get my hands on it. i am so proud of my speedy because it is the first thing i actually had to be patient for. and i did it!

    if it is important to you, you will find a way. :smile:
  11. tan2 i`m in the exact same position as you. parents supported me through college (i'll be graduating in 2 months woohoo! :lol:) because they wanted me to focus on my studies :noworry: and so my "allowance" and income from the part-time job has supported my designer bag fetish.

    i think as long as you have realistic goals financially and are able to budget your money well as well as prioritize what's more important (mortgage, car payments), the future should be very promising. As for designer bags, even if we don`t end up making the 6-figures, a bag once in a while will just make it more worthwhile and special. :lol::lol:
  12. My parents pay for my education but I've never asked a designer bag from them.

    All the bags I have are bought thru going thru sessions of bread and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner to save up.. :P

    It's never a good idea to be dependent on your parents for your shopping habits but I think it's great that you're giving it some thought. Rejecting financial help would really depend on how determined you are but I'm sure that you'll put some effort into it, no? :smile:
  13. actually if you count helping parents is a real job, i do lots of design for my dad's dental lab n mom's dental clinic until now n never ask for any rewards from them.

    but i never consider em a job coz i'm doing it for my parents. i'd love to help my parents, i'll work for em w/o being paid, but i dont really want to "work" for my parents, coz imo its a different story from standing on your own feet n make your own big money than just getting job from your parents company..
    my parents already provide me w lots of love, care, n materials, i want to give them more when i grown up. i'll help em w/o paid, still i'd give em gifts (eventho i know they can get em by themself & wont need money from me)
    am i being too idealistic:oh: ?
  14. Youre so LUCKY. My parents would never buy me a designer bag, they think bags are useless. I have to scrape money for designer bags on my own. SO Im actually eagerly waiting to be financially intependent and getting a job so I can splurge my money on designer handbags without anybody reminding me that I should save the money or put in a bank "for my future".
  15. thxx, yes i'm sure i will, *thinking about it is such a nightmare, but i have to get through it someday :P *

    btw its nice that you can save up for your own bags!! i'm such a shopaholic that i always fail to do that, im easily tempted to buy something :huh: