Afraid of buying a Chanel handbag.

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  1. I have been buying LV bags for 15 years or so. I am very satisfied with the quality of the products and service. I am thinking of buying a Chanel handbag, but I am afraid that there could be quality issues. I have read about some quality issues on this forum. What are your thoughts about the quality of Chanel handbags? Do you think I am justified for being afraid of buying their handbags? In my opinion they are very costly and I do not like throwing my money away. I also do not know how they handle quality issues should they arise.
  2. I've never had a quality issue. Just choose the bag you want and look over it carefully, like you would an LV :smile:
  3. You won't be throwing your money away. Customer service on the one problem I had so far was excellent! I have to watch myself not to get overwhelmed by the buying a Chanel bag and really take my time to inspect the bag. I'm also picky and want an excellent bag, so don't settle; if it doesn't feel right, it's not right for you!
  4. Like any brand, there can be potential for quality issues. One also tends to be more picky (as one should) when the prices point hits Chanel/Hermes level too so the "noise" may be more frequent/louder. If you take the time to check carefully there should be no problem. Depending on where you get it from, you should have time to check it out carefully even after you get home (after you're away from the excitement at the store).
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  5. I would just go into the store and inspect each handbag thoroughly. With LV, I see an increasing number of posts regarding declining quality so I wouldn't base my opinion solely off of what you see from other people without formulating your own opinion first -- just take it as a small "be careful with inspecting your purse" message. I've had quality issues across the board with different designers, most notably Gucci, Ferragamo and... wait for it.... *gasp* Hermes!! Chanel has been decent in quality, never had any major issues at all. I would take the plunge only if it feels right for you though -- do it at your own comfort level as it is a lot of money.
  6. Service from Chanel is very good. I find the salespeople very helpful at my boutique and elsewhere. Any issues are usually dealt with to my satisfaction. However you need to be aware that leather will age/wrinkle/scruff/scratch more easily than LV's PVC. To me, things like that are not really quality issues but some people may find it unacceptable.
    Before buying anything, inspect the bag to your satisfaction.
  7. Hermes bags can be out of box slouchy and people don't complain.

    If the same were to Chanel then you see complaints here. And often time those "is this normal" questions are for things perfectly normal like end of stitches for straps!

    Same as customer service.

    Hermes SAs can be snobby yet people tolerate them. Same goes to Chanel then we will hear it on TPF.

    I don't think quality is really as bad. We all only see complaints here but praises not as often

    I don't think Chanel has more quality issues than LV either!

    I can say most Chanel SAs I met around the world are very nice (beside some at Saks NYC or few at Frankfurt Germany, Paris Rue Cambon) unlike Hermes you have fat chance of running into bad ones.

    So go to stores or find recommended SAs in our recommendation thread

    Or simply go to your local store or pick up the phone

    I actually met 3 of my best SAs by walkin or calling stores directly!
  8. I've never had a quality issue and I still have faith that Chanel is a reputable company whose products are of the highest quality. Chanel service is some of the best in my experience as well. Don't be afraid!! Chanel is a wonderful company that makes some amazing bags. Yes they are expensive, but I wouldn't consider buying one throwing money away. If you really like it and use it, then it's totally worth it!
  9. Quality issue can happen with any brands. Nothing is perfect. Humans make the bags and inspect them. I don't think this is a new thing. Humans make mistakes! We just don't have purse forum in the old days to discuss about this. I, too , get a little too detail sometimes when I buy these items. But if you love the bag and will use it, I think you are not throwing away your money. Check the bag when you purchase it. I hope you enjoy the bag if you decide to get it. [emoji3]
  10. Do you usually go for LV canvas? If so, consider caviar leather for the comparable durability. Be patient with finding your "perfect" to standards bag. SAs understand you're paying a good chunk of money, so tal your time looking over your bag. Lastly, a Chanel bag is about quality, but also about how it makes you feel.
  11. I think you should get at least one Chanel, especially before the next price increase or preloved route. I have bags from all kind of designers but I told myself I gotta have at least one Chanel flap. So I got a preloved in new condition in the cavier GHW. Best decision ever even though it's sitting mostly in the closet.
  12. buy a smaller price-tag item, like a wallet or vintage bag. get a feel for if you like the products. why dive into something with 2K+ if you're not even sure. start small and see what you think.
  13. I, too, just bought my first and only Chanel (I wanted at least one Chanel in my collection) preloved. It's a vintage classic flap, and I couldn't be happier. Take a look at all Chanel has to offer; narrow down to your favorite style, color, leather type, hardware; and then take the plunge either preloved or new. I don't think you'll ever regret owning at least one Chanel.
  14. Thank you all for your opinions on this matter. In response to the question posed by Geminiofln, I do usually buy LV canvas products due to their durability, quality and style. You all have started to give me confidence in moving forward with making a Chanel handbag purchase. You have all given me good advice!!!!! I do have my eye on a Mini Square Flap. I hope to hear from as many Chanel handbag owners as possible about this matter.
  15. Yay!!! Mini's are seasonal pieces so they are sometimes harder to track down. Good luck, take your time and enjoy the experience of buying your first Chanel bag!
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