Afraid? Embarrassed? Self-Conscious? Haven't yet taken out my new Fendi's...

  1. Some of you are going to probably want to SLAP :boxing:me, but here is my little dilemma...

    Purses are my DOWNFALL. I don't spend mega money on fashions (don't have the body or the places to go) but I DO spend bucks on my handbags. AND, after many years of being a stay-at-home mom, doing a major amount of volunteering, and then going back to school, I finally got a JOB last year and am earning my own money.:yahoo:for me. So in the past year I've spend some money on bags. My Louis Vuitton collection went from one pre-owned Alma to 4 different brand-new from LV bags, with accessories, etc. It was all my OWN money -- not gifts from hubby, not from our joint accounts.

    Now, I have some friends who also own an LV or two, but they are not all working women, so they don't necessarily have the same kind of funds available for luxury bags. Or they have tons of money and just don't want to spend their money on such things and so they spend it on other things or save it or whatever.

    Dilemma: I recently scored two AWESOME Fendi's on eBay, but I haven't carried either one yet. Why? I'm scared! Or embarrased. I'm not even sure what emotion it is. I just feel like my friends would see those bags and just drop their jaws! It is silly -- some of them live in much fancier houses than I do -- I just don't feel like explaining how/where I got my new designer bags or whatever. I know, I know... to each her own, and if they would judge me for that, then maybe they're not my best friends, yadda-yadda. I guess I'm just wondering... is there anyone else who is self-conscious about carrying their new wares? How do you handle it?
  2. I kinda feel the same way. Most of my friends are not as in to bags as me (except sugarywitch!). I found, though, that once I told them about my bags they were interested, but of course it's possible that your friends will judge you. I say just carry it like it's totally normal, and if one of them compliments you, say "thanks" and treat it like no big deal.
  3. Life is short...enjoy it to the fullest..and enjoy your wonderful new bags....and should your friends have comments...just remind them that everyone has at least one habit and yours just happens to be handbags...congrats on getting a job and the ability to purchase your own handbags...wear them all with pride....
  4. congrats!!!..........on ur new job and enjoy ur bags....
  5. I can understand how you feel...some of my friends do understand and some don't. What do I do? I just giggle and enjoy it with those who appreciate it, and to those "not in the know" I just sometimes say it's a nice "fake" with a corresponding wink! So naughty, right? :nuts:

    You worked hard for your handbags, you deserve them. Enjoy and carry them with style! Cheers!:party:
  6. I would try not to worry about it too much. Be proud you have such nice things, but at the same time dont make a big deal about it....

    ...But I too have been in the same situation and when all else fails, and I feel I just can come out with a new find.... Sometimes I'll just keep it for a bit, and then bring it out. If anybody mentions anything, I just say "Oh this? I've had this for ever now!"
  7. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only person who thinks/worries about this kind of stuff! I have so much fun hunting down the handbags (but have no friends or family who care a bit about it or who would understand! I work, earn my own money, and buy my own bags! I guess I just need the self-confidence, now, to wear them! I do love them so! It's wonderful because you can change your mood and aura in an instant by switching bags. May sound shallow but it's so true! I have used the "oh it's a fake!" line--but that's ridiculous, I know!
  8. I'm a very very poor student so it looks really weird to all of my friends that I'm carrying nice bags... but it's all in where your priorities are. I save my money by walking rather than taking taxis or the subway, I eat at home instead of in restaraunts or cafes. If your friends were to say anything [and in college, mine would jump on me if they saw a package with a new pair of jeans ... my biggest weakness] just tell them that you saved for it or you got it on sale.

    I think all women appreciate a good bargain
  9. Just tell them it was a present (to yourself of course, but they don't need to know that). Why can't we give presents to ourselves when we've deserved it?
  10. i sympathize :yes: perhaps in there somewhere there is some cognitive dissonance about our own self-image which we may perceive as inconsistent with the stereotypically branded bag carrying women? i am not sure. i do find myself hiding the branded bag i am carrying or at least its logo when i am with some of my friends or family members. at times i just carry my backpack because i was too anxious to carry my nice bags.... for me, i was worried to be perceived a certain way by friends. i am going to stop now before i go into psychobabble-land and take up a whole page. i just want to say i sympathize and that you are not alone. and that perhaps if we can resolve our self-image discrepancy, we might be able to be more comfortable with our nice bags after....? sorry this is not very helpful...
  11. That's a toughie. Sometimes I feel the same way, depending on who I'm with. If one of my friends is struggling financially, I typically downplay my clothes and my bags. Downplaying it is the classiest thing you can do. Wear it, but don't flaunt it.
  12. Don't worry about what other people think. In fact some of my friends (not my close ones) are the same. They'll say stuff but I don't really think about it too much. Go ahead and use them! :yes:
  13. I have been in love with chanel bags for some time now ... i would love a medium flap in lambskin.. but i can't get myself to buy it because "i have no where to wear it to". Not that i don't go to parties or anything..but i just don't roll with people who carry high end designer bags. i feel like i would look ridiculous. But i'm trying to work up the courage to get it because i don't really wear my bags for anyone but myself. I carry my chloes, marc jacobs..etc to work but no one recognizes them. So it's all for ME and that's how it should be.
  14. I feel exactly the same way when I get a new designer bag. You just have to take the plunge
  15. I do understand your dilemma and felt that way once before. Not anymore. I may dress in Gap jeans and simple tshirts but I carry a nice bag, always.

    Everyone spends their money on different things; some buy antiques, some purchase fancy cars, some travel. We like bags.

    Feel proud you found things you treasure. Carry them for the pleasure they provide, no matter what others may say.

    If you must keep them understated, fine, but enjoy them in all of their glory. Both they and you deserve it.