Affortable hotels in Paris

  1. I am planning a solo trip to Paris in May. Can anyone recommend a clean/safe hotel in Paris? I would even stay in a hostel but I am approching age 30 so I am sort of pass the age bracket of sharing a room with a dozen other people if you know what I mean. Looking to stay for a week so I need a place that won't break the bank but that won't keep me up cluthing my LV purse in terror either. Thanks.
  2. I was thinking about going to Paris sometime in April to do some shopping with my mom...and after a search on tripadvisor, HRS and expedia...I have come to the conclusion that there isn't a hotel in Paris that is (to me) affordable and near anything worth seeing, lol :sad:

    Hope to see some good recommendations here though -If the price is right, maybe I'll be able to go over easter!
  3. Jillybean and I stayed at an AMAZINGLY NICE hotel..LE meridien Montaparnasse..It was SO NICE and NOT expensive..But VERY nice staff....and very good service..rooms..etc..
  4. Do a search on Paris, there have been a lot of discussions about travel there and you can get some good tips. Montparnasse is a fun area so check out Jill's suggestion as well.
  5. Look in the area between the Eiffel Tower/Ecole Militaire and Les Invalides. I spent a semester at school in Paris and my school was in that area, so I often had people stay in that area because it was convenient. I'll PM you if I can find a couple of the names, but I think if you went on to fodors or frommers and looked for that area some would come up. Not sure what your price point is, but I want to say that you could definitely find something in the $100-150 there. Its residential so it is quiet at night but very accessible, 3 metros in the area and you can walk places too. Cross check the names you find on frommers/fodors on and you should be fine.
  6. I just came back from Paris yesterday and also stayed at the Le Meridien Montparnasse and I couldn't have been more satisfied with the hotel.
    Enjoy Paris!
  7. ^^There was a code for discounted rates at this hotel on :yes:
  8. My family always stays at Hotel Minerve or Hotel Familia. They are right next door to one another and owned by the same family. The rooms are clean and reasonable. You're not going for the hotel room anyway, right? These places are in the latin quarter, so not right in the middle of the hustle and bustle, but very easily accessible to the metro and not a long ride to the hustle and bustle.
  9. Hotel Ibis is quite nice too... the price is resonable, the rooms are clean, and its also a hotel chain across europe.. the hotel is situated near Gard du Nord station, which is quite convenient for you to travel around paris..

    And also, a frd recommended me to this website
    Hotels in Paris, France -
    so try it out, maybe u can pick up some bargains..
    hope this helps!
  10. A darling and affordable hotel in the lovely neighborhood Blue mentions is
    Hotel St. Dominique
    Hôtel Saint-Dominique, Hotel in Paris, France

    It is a renovated convent. Several floors. Elevator. I always stay there so I can spend more money on shopping!
  11. I stayed at the Hotel Perfect in Montmarte last time I was in Paris - it's definitely very hostel-y, but you get your own room with a private bathroom. It's an easy walk to the Anvers metro stop, so it's very simple to get around. Plus it's incredibly cheap, which is exactly what I was looking for since I was just extending my semester abroad for as long as I possibly could!

    Oh, and it's right by the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre Coeur, so while the location isn't right next to the Champs-Elysees or anything, it is a colorful neighborhood with plenty to see! (When I'm in Paris, it's not like I'm ever in my room anyway - that bed is only for sleeping a few hours!)
  12. I can recommend the Hotel Londres-Eiffel. It's just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower and is v good value. It's very quaint, bathrooms are sparkling and the breakfast was great. It's only a short stroll from the Metro and is in a good area for restaurants.
  14. Have you thought of staying at a vacation apartment? Rates are relatively cheaper than hotels and you have more space.
  15. I agree with this! I am going to Paris for two weeks in June. A friend and I are renting an apartment for two weeks - it is only going to cost $1,600. It is a STEAL for two bedrooms, full kitchen, private bath and laundry for fourteen days. We were sent pictures and conducted business via email.
    I will look for the website.