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Mar 12, 2010
I had a puppy I bought years ago from a pet store ( I was ignorant and did not know any better) and days later gotten really sick. He was constantly thirsty and would go to the toilet to drink water. I took him to Banfield and was charged a huge amount of $$$ with all of the test that the veterinarian suggested, diagnosed: Dehydration. A week later, my puppy started itching really bad and had massive explosive diarrhea. I took him back to the vet and was questioned if the pet was a stray. Puppy had giardia and also mange.

A couple of weeks later, due to my negligence, I was playing with him on the bed and walked away for a few seconds and he jumped down. Fractured his paws. Took him back to back to the vet, x-rayed, sedated, and casted. Cost me over a grand for that.

I would say in a span of a month, I had spent about 2k so that the puppy can have a healthy happy life.

I had a follow up visit with the vet to change out his cast once a week and that would cost me $500, they needed to X-ray, sedation, and applied the cast on him.

I was telling one of my coworkers about this and she recommended this place that are affordable and reliable. I took my puppy to the place she recommended, with office visit, X-ray, and the cast applied, I only paid $25! The veterinarian was really nice, explained everything to me and did not rush me.

I know for sure that in every city there are low cost pet clinics in their area. If you do however know of one, please please post it on here so everyone will know about this and take their pets to the vet.

Sorry for the really bad grammar, I am on some medications and it's making me soooo groggy!

Here are two areas in Houston, Texas that are very affordable:

1) Affordable Pet Clinic

Office Visit: $15
3004 Little York Rd
Houston, TX 77093

2) Petcare Express:

Office Visit is 9.99

2501 W Holcombe Boulevard,
Suite D, Houston, TX 77030-1955
Phone: 713 592 9977
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Jess <3
Nov 9, 2006
I'm sorry to hear that your dog was so sick. :sad:. Did you ever try the Banfield pet insurance? My aunt has it for her two dogs and she said that it doesn't cost a lot to go to the vet, get shots, treatments, etc, because it is covered by insurance. I think she pays about 50.00 a month for each dog.