affordable purses

  1. I am looking for something new and unique. This time, I want to buy something which is different(no brands ), in leather, reasonably priced(less than hundred bucks) and colorful. I hope it is not too difficult to find.I am browsing several websites online to see if I like something.
  2. Some ladies on this site have mentioned Tano for quality leather...the website is, I think- I have looked and they have some really cute stuff!!!
  3. oops! sorry...NOT plural!!!
  4. Oh my, there are some really cute bags there .. hrmmmmm
  5. ^ i knooww!

    thanks for sharing betnyp ;)
  6. Discount stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx carry no-name Italian designers, but most are probably above $100. You might want to check there.
  7. Hi! I also have to put in my plug for Tano... their website is
    It's being updated for fall and should be available soon. official online store is . You can also find some last season Tano at for really good prices (close to $100 and some are still current styles) and while you are looking there, check out Tignanello bags. They look nice and are inexpensive, closer to $100 than Tano. Also, look at handbag section - do a search for "sale handbags" to find any that may be close to your price point.
    It's a little difficult to find a good quality leather bag for under $100 anymore unless you find a very good clearance or sale. . I find that there are a LOT of non-leather for that price, so good luck! Let us know what you find!
  8. i don't know if this is what you're looking for, but at search under totes in womens and you'll find a small collection of colored leather bags. they have an italian designer who uses the same leather that prada does on most of their bags. the prices are really affordable. if you have any questions, call their cust svc. i think franklin covey is based in utah. hope this helps
  9. When I am looking for more affordable handbags than the expensive designer bags (that I love but cannot afford often) I like to shop at e-bags.

    I just got an e-mail from them today that has 20% off and free shipping on any bags over $75.00. Here is the code:

    Enter promo code EM1E09216H now through 9.27.2006

    I have purchased several bags there for around $100 (mostly the brand Tignanello and Clava) and have been pleased with the quality. I especially like the fact that there are usually many reviews for each handbag and I can see what other people's opinions are.

    Also you can search their bags pretty specifically looking by color, material, brand, price, etc.

    I also like the fact that after I purchase a bag, a few weeks later they will send me an e-mail offering me a 20% discount if I will review the bag I have purchased. So far I have never paid full price for one of their bags. Peggy