Affordable Purse Organizer From The Container Store $19.99

  1. The black check one is cute!
  2. They're selling the Purseket brand. Check out their web page:

    From Purseket you can buy three different sizes in lots of different patterens. I have one in each size and love them! Unfortunately, search is disabled on tPF, or you could find all the other write-ups about these. Check them out.
  3. I just got my medium pursket in the mail yesterday- LOVE it! It holds so much stuff and gives me so much more room in by bag! These things are genious!
  4. Sneaky! ;)
  5. ^Well, it does say 'Purseket' on the containerstore web site - ?
  6. I saw this in real life the other day when I was in the container store. I didnt end up buying one but it looked very handy.