Affordable Dolman or Kimono Sleeve Tunics?

  1. I absolutely love the dolman/kimono sleeve long length sweaters/dresses, because they suit me since they are not fitted at the top (where I am larger than average) and are fitted at the hips (where I am smaller). I really like the ones by Karoo Mark Eisen, for example, but they are so expensive - can y'all point me to some more affordable options that are still pretty nice quality?

    Here are examples of the look I want:
    KAROO Mark Eisen Kimono Dress -
    KAROO Mark Eisen 12GG Cashmere 3/4 Sweater -
    KAROO Mark Eisen 12GG Cashmere Bell Sleeve Turtleneck -
  2. I love those. I just ordered the YA YA kimono top , although it's not really cheaper, I used my 30% for 1st time customer at Revolve clothing. I would also check the Love by Ya Ya line. Or maybe Arden B. has some, I know they had the bell sleeve sweaters.
  3. I love these too. Velvet makes some cute tops-check out and, I've also seen some cute ones by juicycouture, also on Saks and
  4. Is Arden B. good quality? I did find some Arden B ones on eBay just now that looked pretty nice.

    I just found this Ann Taylor cashmere Kimono sleeve sweater on sale... not as loose on top or as long as my "ideal" ... but still nice...I got it in dark loden:
    ANN TAYLOR ONLINE STORE: Cashmere Kimono Sleeve Sweater
  5. Arden B. quality is OK, not great. I usually buy trendy stuff there that I will probably only want to wear for a season. I don't think I have anything from there that has lasted much longer than that:sad: . I don't really shop there much anymore because of it.
  6. I love Arden B. I only spend tons of money on the stuff that will stay in style forever. I go to Arden B. for the trendier stuff. Zara is pretty good too, but the quality is not there, but for the price who cares, just wear it until it goes out of style and throw it away (or give it to charity).

    Theory has some great stuff too, but it does get expensive, great quality though.

    Anyhoo, I found you a nice sweater at Arden B. :

    Arden B: 3/4 Sleeve Dolman Sweater
  7. I found a really cute one at Express for about $49 the other day, a ton of colors too.