Affordable Classic Trench Reccomendation?

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  1. Looking for a good classic (burberry-esque) trench coat. Beige or camel, single row of buttons, buckle at waist and bottom of sleeves. Only want to spend $100 any ideas? :smile:
  2. London Fog, Gallery (Nordstroms), or TJMaxx has a lot out right now.
    Trenches don't usually come with single row of buttons, it's almost always double.
    Good luck with the hunt.
  3. Banana republic makes a trench every year

    J crew too

    Ann Taylor


    I don't know where you are located. IHTH!!:flowers:
  4. It doesn't have a single row of buttons but the classic two column of buttons, Asos has a great classic one for $90 right now that otherwise meets your specifications! They have other styles too if you're interested.
  5. Uniqlo?
  6. I second the uniqlo, they have some some great new designs. All of them double breasted though...
  7. Michael Kors has a Nordstrom exclusive trench which is normally on sale for about $129 - but I've also seen it for as low as $99 if you're lucky - fantastic quality and single breasted! Comes in 4 colours and also has a removable liner which is handy.
  8. Try Yoox! Some brands like Moschino Cheap and Chic make trenches and are all on sale now. It might take some digging bit prices are amazing right now.
  9. Yes! This is the one I have, read the reviews, it really is a great buy, love it! For reference my size is US 8-10 and I purchased the large, fits a little on the large side but I prefer it to layer underneath.

    What do you mean about living in Canada? Do you mean for the warmth of the coat? Or for the shipping? I know Nordies do international shipping to loads of countries, surely they ship to Canada? I really hope that something works out for you!
  10. Banana Republic makes them in Fall and Spring every year (tan, black, navy and current season color)
  11. 2nd this!
  12. yea they ship but duties :<