Affordable Alternative for Christian Louboutin Lovers!

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  1. Click Here: Can't Afford Christian Louboutin?

    I was soooo excited when I was this!! I adore Louboutins but can't afford them and these shoes are beautiful and well made. I don't believe in knock-offs (ESPECIALLY when it comes to Handbags!!!) but for this I broke my little rule! The style is classic! :heart:
  2. I consider the red soles to be like CL's logo, and I would never wear a pair of shoes that had red soles if they weren't real CL's. There are many affordable alternatives to the shoes you posted, without the red soles... for example these from Guess for only $75. You don't have to buy a knock off to still get the style you want.
  3. What about Oh Deer? I think they have them on Zappos and definitely eBay
  4. There are so many companies that have a red sole now, it's not exclusive to CL anymore. Sad but true. Oh Deer, Steve Madden, Nine West, Jessica Simpson, etc Even Cesare Paciotti has started using the red soles. Go to and look at their ad campaigns for this year. They all have variations on CL shoes. As long as they don't say CL on them, I don't have a problem with them.
  5. ^ ITA with Bags4Betty.
  6. Some Ann Taylor shoes got red soles now.
  7. :sad:eventhough CL is known for it, he never patented it. So the red sole is fair gain. No worries, Christian, I will a loyal follower til the end:love:
  8. I have the Oh Deers in black patent. they're hot.

    i don't consider them knock offs its not like a fake bag where it has the logo and all that. they don't have christian louboutin written on them. it just has a red sole big deal. its like buying clothes fashioned after runway designer stuff.
  9. I guess it's a matter of personal preference, but I personally don't feel "right" wearing anything that is a clear knock-off, even if it is legal. A while ago, I bought these shoes at Target for $12 on clearance. I normally spend more than $12 on sales tax for a pair of shoes, so that price was just silly. I figured, why not. Well, they were an obvious knockoff of a Via Spiga shoe, down to the last detail (except that they were not genuine leather). I wore them the next day and got a TON of compliments, people were asking me where I got them, etc. I even had an SA at the shoe dept at Nordstrom compliment me, "I love your Via Spigas". But the entire time I felt crummy, almost like a thief or something. That's when I realized that if I really like a certain style of shoe, I need to buy it from the designer. Otherwise I feel like I'm stealing.
  10. the Oh Deer Audrey shoes are very similar to the CL's but I've tried and they're quite uncomfortable althought I haven't tried the CLS in person yet.
  11. ^^^exactly. There are plenty of companies that have been doing red soles way before CL. Also the red sole rubs off anyway. If you are buying the shoes for the red soles, I don't think you are really appreciating the beauty of the whole shoe. When it comes down to it, isn't it just about the love of shoes anyway?

    It's like a Chanel Tweed Jacket. Every designer has copied that style for years, it just doesn't say Chanel on it.
  12. I agree, it is about the love of shoes, and I have no problem buying a shoe that sort of looks like the original, as long as it's not down to the last detail, making it an obvious knock-off. There is a difference, imo, between being influenced by a certain designer and obviously stealing an original design.

    I would say that if an SA at Neiman Marcus (or someone who knows shoes) mistook your Oh Deer shoes for a geinuine pair of CLs, then that shoe is an obvious knock-off.
  13. someone is trying to promote their blog...same person does this at another message board i visit.
  14. this subject has been brought up here soooo many times on this sub-forum.

    Its not like Oh Deer designs are a recent phenomenon. I personally dont think they are a CL "alternative". Its just another shoe designer to me.