Affair In The Office !

  1. If a very Senior person ( who happens to be married) becomes romantically involved with another co worker in the office, should one of them be forced to leave the company?

    would it a make a difference if they dont report to the same boss ?
  2. I don't even think the affair would be publicized to the company or shall i say, if it is publicized, it would be to a few select individuals.. I don't think it jepardizes the job unless it's with a direct boss, then you need to tell HR. I don't think anyone should be fired because having an affair is UNETHICAL, but not ILLEGAL.
  3. You may want to check the terms of working there. If there is a clause that says "fraternizing" (something like that) then you can get fired. Basically it means that you can't be involved with anyone you work with.
  4. If it's not you involved in the affair, I would NOT get involved. Unless it is horribly affecting your job performance, it's not worth losing your job over.
  5. Oh and might i add, working with someone you're having a fling with is not good either, even if both parties are single.. The aftermath is just sooo weird and uncomfortable that you'd wish you never even went there... :yucky:
  6. I think the only BAD part is that one of them is married. That makes it immoral. Or else, "you can't choose who you love" I met my husband at work, and we were married within a year.
  7. at a place i used to work, one of the managers hooked up with one of his direct employee's live-in girlfriend. she left the employee for the manager and moved in with him. she was also a co. employee. can you imagine working for someone who stole your gf and the gf still works there too? and they used to be good friends..the employee was even in the mgr's wedding (marriage ended shortly before all this). anyway, the employee ended up leaving the co. shortly after...what a mess! there was a fraternization policy too, but sadly was not enforced.
  8. It all depends. If there is a clause in the employee handbook, then they shouldn't be working in the same place. However if there isn't, I suggest keeping it very quiet. No one needs to know about your relationship...unless it gets really you're getting married.
  9. The married person should be fired or transferred or sternly reprimanded, as well as the other employee. If you don't have the sense not to have an affair at work (especially if you are married) then you don't have the sense to be a senior executive. It's one thing (and still not a great idea) for unmarried coworkers to have an office relationship, and entirely another to cheat on your spouse with a coworker. Also, it opens the more senior employee and the company up for a sexual harrassment suit, especially if the relationship ends badly (which they always do)!!
  10. It depends. If there's a rule about it then it's on them if they get caught. If there's no rule, as long as both are single and work at different departments or's okay to have a relationship.
  11. me tooooooooooooooo ^^ :tender:
  12. Its kind of hard to avoid "dating" in the office. I found it better than meeting people at a bar. People spend their entire DAY at the office, sometimes more. Romance is bound to occur. My husband worked in the Information Systems department when we met. He used to sneak in at 5 am to disconnect things from my computer so i would have to call him. (sneaky!) I felt like such a dumba** because I was the only one who couldnt log on 2 to 3 times a week! I kept saying to him "but I DID that" He's say "Nope, you didnt, if you did, it would have worked" LOL! I did give him hell when I found out years later!
  13. Oh boy I have done the office romance thing more than Luccibag said you spend most of your waking time at work and romance is bound to happen but what sucks is when it ends and more often than not it does end. A lot of companies have "no fraternizing" policies which is usually selectively enforced...all I know is unless it is you STAY OUT of it, and if it is affecting your own performance ask yourself why-is it the actual affair or your opinion or feeling about it tripping you up?

    I didnt answer Prada original question-no. A person should not lose their job for having an affair, married or not.
  14. I must add, he was the best thing that ever happened to me, so I guess you know how I feel about office romance!
  15. If we take the "married" part out of it, then the office romance isn't quite as bad as long as the two people work in different areas and obviously one doesn't supervise the other. Also, if they break up and are in different departments they don't have to deal with each other much, then it's not quite so bad.