AF here tight on time

  1. Well AF came this weekend and of course right on time. :crybaby:
    Oh well at least one good thing is that it is not as bad as last month's AF. But I am tired if seeing it and wish I could take care of it once and for all. :boxing: LOL!!!
  2. Awww..hang in there jen :heart:
  3. Any news on your end? Still testing negative?
  4. I haven't tested since Sat. morning. If it doesnt start today, i'll probably do another test tomorrow. today will be 4 days late.
  5. Yeah you should. It should already be reading + if you are pregnant.
  6. Sorry jenniletv! I know what you mean about wanting it to go away. AF is due for me on Sat. :girlsigh:

    pinkdot- Are you so excited to test?? I hope this is it! We need some good news in here...
  7. Tabby i'm excited but at the same time i dont want to get my hopes so high. :girlsigh: i'm going to the docs today for an evaluation for a blood test. lol they don't do blood tests for new patients.
  8. Is this a new ob/gyn doctor?
  9. no, a regular doc.
  10. They won't do the blood test for you?
  11. yup.. she said it was too soon to do it yesterday anyway. so i made an appointment for wed. but i'm thinking of canceling it cuz well..i took another preg. test cuz today is the 5th day.. but still negative result. so now i'm thinking i should get my blood work done next week..maybe it will be more accurate. :thinking:
  12. I am having signals of AF's impending visit. Woke up this morning in a drenching sweat. I usually get this 2-3 days before AF.

    Does anyone else have night sweats before their AF??
  13. Have you been under any large amount of stress other than normal stuff?
  14. I sometimes get them during mine.
  15. I do. :yes: