Aerosoles Coupon

  1. 20% off any order plus FREE shipping on orders $75 or more.

    valid through 11/30/06 on Aerosoles catalog & internet orders only.

    merchandise total must be $75 or more (after 20% discount) to qualify for free shipping.

    code: MEDIA CODE

    have fun shoe shopping ladies! :flowers:
  2. Thanks! I need a comfy pair of heels!

    I tried it and it didn't work?
  3. oh it didn't? i got it from my catalog.

    it says - you must use the MEDIA CODE above your name to qualify. i don't know if it'll make much a difference.
  4. Is there a number or word or something about your name? I don't think that acutal code is media code? :[
  5. oh yeah. sorry about that. LOL. :shame:

    the media code is - T06143
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