Aeropostale extra 15% off clearance items

  1. Aeropostale take 15% off clearance now through Mon. March 19th Online Only

    Promo Code: 15Clear

    If new to Google checkout $10 Off. :yes:
  2. I just received their e-mail too. Thinking about some swim wear! They always have super cheap/cute stuff.
  3. Yea, I usually shop when they have clearance... I just placed an order for my niece on some sweater and tees. If I didn't gain weight I would've bought something for myself oh well... :crybaby:

  4. So much for my shopping ban, I just placed an order (but really now, great deals and $10 off!)... okay, I'm back on it now, for real this time. ;)

    FYI, the code is case sensitive, and I couldn't use it until I used 15clear.
  5. SamSam--I totally watched the drama K.O. One with Fahrenheit. LOVED it.
  6. Oh you should watch Hana Kimi you'll love it! Wu Zun, Jiro Wang and Ella from S.H.E is in it! :nuts: