Huge Denim Sale

  1. [​IMG]
    R_fav_cust2mer: Hey Aero - what's up?
    aero: Hey! Getting ready 4 our HUGE denim sale!!!
    R_fav_cust2mer: Niiiiiiice! When is it?
    aero: Starts this Friday in stores and online
    R_fav_cust2mer: sounds good 2 me...what kind of denim sale is it?
    aero: 50% off ALL DENIM!!
    R_fav_cust2mer: NO WAY!?!
    aero: WAY! And what's even cooler is that registered users are getting a sneak preview
    R_fav_cust2mer: Really?! How?
    aero: for 1 day only, Thursday 9/6, registered users like u can enter promo code JEANS50 at checkout and get first dibs at 50% off fall denim
    R_fav_cust2mer: wow...BRB
    aero: where u goin?
    R_fav_cust2mer: I'm gonna go shop at , duh!!