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  1. Thanks Bagachondriac! My daughter loves Aeropostale so we'll check this out.
    BTW, my condolences on your nephew...My daughter is the same age, so your signature got me a little teary-eyed.

  2. Thank you for your kindness scaredycat. It's coming up on one year since his accident, and it's not the type of anniversary one looks forward to. At this age, kids tend to think they are indestructible, and many don't realize the dangers they face when in an automobile. My nephew took his dad's sports car out one night without permission after his parents had gone to bed. Thirty minutes after his parents had hugged him goodnight and retired to their bedroom, there was an officer at their door delivering the devastating news that their son had been killed! He was speeding and was also not wearing a seat belt. His family's life has been shattered, and everyone is still trying to cope with their grief. I think that Matt's friends and classmates learned a valuable lesson that night as well.
  3. Bump.... Up To 70% Off But With No Add'l Discount