Aero Bubbles Guy Vs. Diet coke guy!


Which one would you take?

  1. Aero

  2. Diet Coke

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. no contest! aero! I never liked that diet coke guy... they made him out to be manly but he just looked the opposite... NO thanks.

    btw.. was I the only one who though the middle woman in the diet coke ad was attractive? >_>;
  2. I don't drink cola. So Jason Lewis plus chocolate wins!!!
  3. aero!
  4. Neither.
  5. Noooo contest! I'd rather have sexy Smith from SATC than the scruffy guy and diet coke aaaaany day.......hmmmmmm:girlsigh:
  6. okay. so i voted diet coke, but i was going based on the actual drink. not the guy! haha .. didn't realize that's what the ? was. blonde moment. oopsie! :]

    sooo .. i take back my diet coke vote. hehe!
  7. Defo the AREO, I am very happy with my H2B and I almost choked when I saw him! I am defo going to buy some areo bubbles!Lol!x
  8. oooh yes, another Aero vote here ;)

    I hope Smith is gonna be back in the SATC movie :biggrin:
  9. diet coke!! i just hate the aero guy!! lol
  10. Neither of them do it for me really, but the Aero guy gets my vote for the cute little smile at the end!
  11. There's some guys on youtube who've tried to pull off the aero advert, LOL its so funny
  12. I've never seen that Areo guy! WOW!! The new diet coke guy doesn't do a thing for me, but the OLD diet coke guy! I think he'd win over the Areo guy!! (although I don't think he'd look that good NOW!)