Aer Lingus and Carry-ons

  1. I've just finished packing for 14 days in Scotland in my carry-on bag. Everything fits, no problem, but I have a connection with Aer Lingus and they have a carry-on weight limit of 6kg (~13 pounds). I am right at the limit right now, according to my scale.

    So the question is: has anyone who had flown with Aer Lingus actually had them weigh their carry-on? And if so, do they give you a problem if you're slightly over? (I'm thinking scale variance might come into play here since I'm so close to the limit.)

  2. I've never flown with Aer Lingus but have flown with many different domestic US and foreign carriers. Never once has a carrier actually weighed each passenger's carry-on baggage. Can you imagine how much time it would take to individually weigh the carry-ons of 150+ passengers?

    I think you're fine. :yes:
  3. I think that I should be fine too. I honestly can't see them weighing everyone's bags at the gate, although I'm pretty sure that they will weigh at the check-in desk if you're checking baggage and tag it as a carry-on. Maybe they weigh at the gate if you don't have a tag? I've never flown on an airline that had a weight limit for carry-ons before (at least a limit that I knew of) so I have no idea how they would put it into practice:shrugs:
  4. ^^^ A large majority of airlines have weight limits for carry on baggage, but I've never once witnessed an airline checking/enforcing it. Most do enforce size/dimensions limits, however.

    Link summarizing US carriers:
  5. I never knew that! "the more you knowwwww!"
  6. So just for everyone's information - they did not weigh anyone's bags at the gate. HOWEVER - on our return flight they didn't have check-in kiosks so we had to go to the desk where they did weigh our bags. Mine was OK, but my friend had to check hers. And the weight limit was 10kg. Bottom line (from my experience, anyway) is that if you can get to the gate with your bag then you're fine no matter how much it weighs.
  7. ^^^jpgoeth, thank you for coming back and updating the thread with your experience. This is very good to know and I agree...once you're at the gate, you're home free! :tup:

    Hope you had a great trip! :biggrin:
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread, wasn't sure if I should just start a new one.

    Anyway, I'm from the U.S. and will be traveling from Dublin to Glasgow with Aer Lingus. I read on their site that for regional flights (which I will be taking) the carry-on restrictions are tight. This is taken directly from their site:

    Aer Lingus Regional flights (Flight Nos 3000-4000 operated by Aer Arann)

    EI Regional Bag Dimensions

    Baggage is restricted to one piece per passenger.
    The maximum dimensions for a cabin bag are: 48cm x 36cm x 21cm or 19in x 14in x 8in.
    Baggage must weigh under 7kgs/15lbs and be small enough to fit in overhead bins or under your seat.
    These limits are strictly enforced.
    Additional small items (camera, personal stereo, overcoat, handbag or laptop) are allowed.

    I guess my question is mainly on the carry-on bag dimensions, do they actual take a tape measure and measure to make sure it's not over the limits? Sorry to ask such a dumb question, but it's my first time traveling to Europe and would rather not check-in any bags if I can help it.
  9. Most airlines have a small square box that is the size of the dimensions. If the bag fits in the box, you're good to go, if it doesn't, you have to check it.
  10. They have a small box, but they generally do not actually have you try to place your carry-on in it. If you are only slightly over I would not worry about it. Alternatively you can get a pack that is compressible.
  11. ^Aer Lingus checked mine. My friend ended up having to check her bag.

    The other airline I've been on that's checked and was strict was Lufthansa.
  12. ^You must have the luck with carry-ons that I have with that horrible body scanner. I just flew Lufthansa and was not checked either way. In any case, with a collapsible bag there would not be an issue. Worst case you can move a few items to your personal item.