AE has the Jackie in Cuoio Color

  1. Love that color! Can't say the same for the bag though. I'm not a fan of the polished, shiny leathers. I'd be curious what it would look like in matte leather.
  2. It looks nicer in those pics than when I saw it at Nordstrom.
  3. Beautiful color, but I still think the bag looks a bit odd...
  4. Very good photos, but they make me realize how much I don't like this bag, suspenders an' all.
  5. I think the models clothing doesnt match this bag at all. She is looking 'city smart' and I dont think this bag fits into that catagory.

    It might look ok with jeans and t-shirts though, but once again, I dont really like it.

    I wonder if Kooba's entire Fall range will sell well. Most of the designs seem a bit 'odd'.
  6. I'm tellin' ya......jabba the hutt with suntan oil on him......I just can't get around that mental picture for this bag!