Advocating Knockoffs

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  1. So there's this lady at work who comes up to me the other day she's like "Tylisa you wear some nice things, I am giving a shopping trip to New York in April let me know if your interested" I'm like :nuts: shopping yippie!!! Then she goes on to say "There are a lot of nice bags up there too, you can get Prada, Gucci all of them for 30-50 bucks" I'm like :sick: :sad: :Push: :evil: :cry: "oh ok"
    I wanted to say something to her so bad but I didnt want to be rude, what would you have done?? :weird:
  2. I would have said, "I saw on the news a couple months ago that bags like that are illegal. I'm glad they aired a story like that becuase I would have never known! They said there was some sort of epidemic of counterfeits that could lead to terrorism. To play it safe, I'd rather spend the retail to know where my money really goes."

    Playing dumb but informative, makes it not so rude. It strikes up conversation and that way she will know.
  3. I post on a board called "" and they have a great bargin board (we share online codes, etc.) Anyway, there is a thread going on about fakes. I think out of 40 posts, the only voices of reason are myself and one or two other posters. People just do not get how tacky fake bags are.
  4. allison, I never heard of that tying into terrorism thats scary
    Becca, I post on babycenter as well, I will have to see if I can find that thread...
  5. did she think that she would be gettin real bags for that price? I would have played innocent and said oh but for that price they wouldn't be real bags! She may actually think that they can get real ones for that price.

    I say this because a friend (kinda) of mine, mother and aunt went to NYC and spent about $50 and got (they think) realy D&B. They met somone that led them to some like mini storage where they had a bunch of bags for sale. they asked if they were real and how they could sell them so cheap they told them that they had "arrangements" with the truck drivers that delivered to the department stores if you know what I mean. so although they wouln't have knowlingly bought fakes they would buy "stolen". I told her that they were lucky they didn't get mugged or killed.
  6. I'm shocked that people do that!!!
    I would never go off with some stranger like that :amazed:
    I wonder if she thinks they are real :oh:
  7. I also saw the news program about counterfeit handbags. (CNN?)They did an undercover investigation, and discovered that counterfeit handbags sales were used to finance terrorist activity. Further, there is currently more money to be made selling fake bags than selling heroin and other illegal drugs.

    People buy fake bags because they "think it's a victimless crime," but the reality is that fakes are made by illegal businesses using child labour and other unfair labour practices--and the money supports terrorism. Shocking, but absolutely true. I would definitely tell someone who wants to purchase counterfeit bags what they are really supporting.
  8. wow thanks for the info. I will be passing this along...