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  1. I'm been lemming for something in Ash Scuro since the day it was revealed on tpf. I thought it would be in a Large Veneta. But since I've always wanted to get the LV Speedy and Ash Scuro is available in Montaigne, I decided why not get Montaigne instead? (Good decision I know).

    How the hard part.

    Where I am, there is only 1 pc of the Ash Scuro Montaigne left. This situation is the same in London. I had been secretly wanting to get that on sale but by the look of the situation, it seemed quite unlikely that the stocks for the ash montaigne will last till end.

    What should I do? I have it reserved in London and it'll probably work out to be 30% cheaper than where I located. But I've just gotten the Medium Pleated in Baltic which hasn't even arrived! Although I wouldn't go into debt having both bags, but in this climate, is it right to buy them within such a short interval?

    My local SA told me that Ash will probably not go on sale because it'll be a 'classic' colour yet when I asked if it means the colour will be reproduced, she says no.

    So.. should I get it from London now, save 30% or take the risk and wait for it to be on sale so that I let my wallet breathe as well as bag it at a better price?

    Final question: I've always been a shoulder bag person, is it a wrong decision to get the montaigne?

  2. The large campana now comes in ash if you're looking for a shoulder bag.
  3. well i don't think there is anything wrong with spending money if you have it. however, if you might miss the cash if some emergency were to happen in two months time, then definitely hold off. remember this is a BUYER'S market and everything eventually shows up on ebay, even the ottone sloane. you might have to wait a year, but it is only a purse right?
  4. Someone just posted a thread of a maxi veneta in ash scuro.
  5. Hi, I saw the Ash Scuro Montaigne in Taipei's BV; it's beautiful. Well any bag in Ash scuro is gorgeous imo. But if you feel a little uneasy within, I'd say just put it off. Either it will show up on ebay at a later time or you can go for LV speedy [if you still love it]. As long as you do not see this bag in REAL PERSON [so as not to be allured!].

  6. I saw that at Nordies yesterday....:drool::drool::drool:

    juzluvpink - I was strictly a shoulder bag gal until I met the Montaigne. I was concerned about the weight on my arm, especially since a Chloe I had for all of 2 days made my arm go numb. The Montaigne is not a heavy bag and felt great. For me the handles were softer and conformed more to the arm than those of a Speedy. I wouldn't worry about adding an "arm" bag to your collection.

    Of course, there is always the Campana...
  7. Just as a thought too if you are worried about weight, i have discovered that H accessories are much lighter to carry around than BV woven. I use my BV makeup bag and wallet inside my medium veneta since that is lighter than air and it all matches. In my ferro pyramid, which is slightly heavier, i use an H karo and wallet. Believe it or not, makes a difference!
  8. You are right doloresmia. My current wallet a ziparound AZAP is chevre, but still quite light.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'll not consider a Campana as it's way too close in style to my New Ball (1 vs 2 shoulder straps). I'm not that worried abt weight as the Coffer is definitely heavier than the New Ball (or most of the other bags i have in fact).

    doloresmia: I believe spending that $$ wldn't make me any more vulnerable but will definitely raise some eyebrows nonetheless.

    I've talked myself down the route of "it'll probably show up on ebay one day" so I've been considering if I should let my pleated veneta go instead as I noticed it's easier to find a veneta than a montaigne on ebay. But giving up either one is so hard... I want to keep them both. LOL

    Since I'm able to get it on hold in London, I'll prob go ahead to purchase it. When both the bags arrive I'll make a decision as to whether I should keep one (if so, which one) or just keep both and be on strict purse ban until the economic situation recovers.

    annelovepuggy: you are right. I was able to 'hold off' all these weeks becoz I refuse to visit the BV boutique to be tempted. But I sent in my bag for polishing (I was in a rush then so no time to browse) and was at the boutique yesterday to collect it. That's when I saw all the new SS09 stuff and ask about the availability of the Ash Scuro Montaigne. And that started all the lemming again!
  10. juzluvpink, you can always get an extra hole added to the bottom of the montaigne straps by your local shoe shop to make it more shoulder-friendly.
  11. Well you probably know what I am going to say about the Montaigne! But I also should say that like jburgh I was strictly a shoulder bag wearer until I discovered the Montaigne. At first I seemed to wear it (relatively uncomfortably if I am wearing any sort of coat) on my shoulder more, too - but I realize now that I rarely do that anymore and am completely comfortable with it as a handbag or on my forearm when I need my hands for other things (coffee, umbrella).

    As for Ash Scuro, I haven't seen it IRL but it looks wonderful in pictures - I think your chances of finding a Montaigne/Ash Scuro combo later are probably going to be pretty low so that may well guide what you do.
  12. Thanks everyone for their valuable input. I've just faxed over my order for the ash montaigne! It'll take a detour to HKG, to my friend's office so I can save a little more on this baby.

    Once I receive both my montaigne and the pleated veneta, I'll see if I want to give up one or keep both and keep my eyes shut until the end of the year so that I will not be tempted by all the beautiful bags out there.
  13. great decision to get both! If I have to choose 1, I'll keep the montaigne just for variety. I love arm candies!