Advise required on listing my Priscilla on ebay

  1. I would like advise on listing my MC Priscilla on eBay which was purchased from Queen Street Mall Brisbane 9 months ago. As I have only used this bag twice, I would like to sell this and buy an epi Croisette PM as I would like to use this bag for work as this is more practical. I have read that eBay remove listings and even suspend users for listing authentic bags. Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. Good luck with your sales. I don't list on eBay so I'm not much help but I would suggest lots of good quality pics, date code etc so that people can see your bag is real.
  3. Well, the most you can do is take the best possible photos and go for it... You'll need to make sure you take close up and CLEAR photos of the Made in Stamp, the date code and any damage there may be to the bag. Also, take pictures of each side of the bag, the more pics, the better price it will go for. There should be a closeup option on your camera to assure the pics are clear.

    It seems that Ebay just picks and chooses randomly what auctions they remove,if they do remove your auction make sure you recieve permission to relist before doing so, if you dont then you will be suspended.

    Good luck!
  4. Jen Loves LV thanks for your advice.
  5. i agree with the PP....

    i have only sold 1 thing on eBay and im already afraid it will be an my opinions below are based on me being a BUYER, not a seller!! below is what I, as a buyer like to see....

    take tons of can host them on photobucket and get more pictues on your auction....also, make sure you watermark them.....people seem to love to steal photos...

    also....give a very detailed description....size of bag, handles and any flaw it might have, due to being used 2 times....

    good luck!!
  6. Ebay has a promotion that ends this Saturday (last day to list for no fees and free gallery photo). The promotion is for first-time sellers only.

    For listing items that are above $200, you need a verified Premier account. Specifically, you need to link a verified Paypal account address to your eBay seller account. To get your Paypal account verified, you need to link your bank checking account. The procedure takes about 2 days to complete, because you need to wait for eBay to make 2 small deposits (less than 50 cents each) into your checking account first.

    It is handy to have a verified Paypal account, because it is free to transfer money between your checking account and Paypal account.
  7. You've gotten some great advice here. I would just add that you can start your auction off at any amount (lower for more bids) but be sure to place a reserve on your listing for the amount you really want for the bag.

    Good luck!
  8. Another thing that I would also mention ...since I am quite a buyer/seller on Ebay (well working on the selling but....)

    that if you are going to be selling anything LV, you would be better off getting it appraised at or Caroldiva, which both give writing that the LV or bag in question is authentic.

    I'm not saying that yours isn't, but it gives the buyer that much more confidence when bidding. It might also increase the likelihood that Ebay won't remove the listing.

    Again, as everyone has said, when buying LV people look for listings that have large clear pictures, of the date code and the Made In stamp.

    When selling my Kooba online, I found a lot of people ask about authenticity so I would definitely say to checkout only costs $5 and you know that you are authenticated and so do your buyers.

    If you don't want to do that, and you still have your original receipt (even though those can be copied too....I actually found a site SELLING receipts) that will help the buyer too.

    Good luck on selling and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me!
  9. Thanks for the advise.
  10. Hi Hats
    Thanks for the advise. Really appreciated and sincere thanks.
  11. Hi- you've received a lot of great ideas- the clear photos are a must I also say in my listings that the photos are mine- taken of the actual item- since some ebayers steal photos. and let people know if your home is smoke free. I do a lot of BIN or BIN with best offer- this may work for you too.
    Also when you do list make sure you review everything carefully before you put it on ebay since it can take a while for it to show up in a search and if you change anything after it's listed since your new ebay may limit the number of items/revisions you can make on your listing so it's important to check it over carefully.
  12. Brilliant tips here, also mention that it is from your personal wardrobe (assuming it is!) so that it is clear you are not a small business, legitimate or otherwise. I think the most important thing though as everyone else has said is lots of clear photos and a willingness to answer any questions openly and honestly. Lots of luck!
  13. Very good advise. Thanks a lot and I will use this when I get the courage to list it on ebay.
  14. Thank you for your advise. Will definately be using it when I get the courage to list on ebay.