ADVISE pls ... Cognac or choco Mabel? Saddle leather is good??

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  1. I am thinking to get one regular Mabel, but I still cannot decide the color, Cognac or chocolate? Smooth saddle leather is very easy to get scratches? does it really aged naturally? I don't have any Mabel at this moment so I am looking for some advise....
  2. I prefer the cognac to the chocolate but that's just me personal preference.

    There are other threads about the saddle leather, it may be worth searching them and having a read.

    Hopefully some of the girls who have these bags will come on soon and give you some advise.

    Good luck with your decision.
  3. I think it's really scratchy leather Tastefashion although Cognac would stand up better than Choc IMO. I think that their still being on the site after the sale started two weeks ago shows that they are not everyone's cup of tea? A bit like the A4 Roxy totes even in the classic colours still being available. I just love them but obviously they don't have that widespread "must have" factor.

    It's a shame you can't see IRL.

    I have Mabels in refined grain , antiqued and spongy. Those leathers suit the style of the bag. It really is a lovely design I think, in all it's sizes.

    Hope someone posts who can tell you what they love about Saddle leather. xx
  4. Hi!
    I have the Cognac Saddle, love it! I hate scratches on my bags and yes, this one gets scratches very easily however it doesn't bother me because they are not very noticable IMO.
    It's just surface sratches (on mine anyway, like from putting my keys in it without opening the bag properly)

    Anyway, i've seen the Chocolate one in a few stores and the scratches put me off on that colour... Hope it helps a little
  5. Here's a pic of my cognac Mabel. Compared to the light weight antigued aqua one (looks more greenish IRL), it is much stiffer, so it holds its shape better. Both scratch real easy, but the scratches blend in and do not bother me at all. Just that type of leather.

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  6. I also have the cognac Mabel, and love it!! Yes, the leather scratches easily, but haven't really got that many scratches on mine..yet. But anyway, they blend in very nicely and over time I think it will just add to the bags beauty.

    I think the brown is gorgeous too, but prefered the cognac in this bag. Depends on what colour you like the best and what other bags you have