Advise please.

  1. I am new to ebay and I have questions that I'm hoping you ebay experts can help me out with.

    I made a purchase on ebay and when I received it I was not satisfied with the condition. I contacted the seller and althought she wasn't happy about it agreed to refund my money. I sent the item back right away. Yesterday she sends me an email that she received the item, but that she can not refund me back with paypal (which is how I paid with bank transfer) because her account is depleated. She wants to refund me by credit card or send me a check. She also stated that she was going to contact ebay to get some of her fees back. question are 1) should I contact ebay myself about this? 2) Is it safe to give her my credit card information or accept a check?

    She has pretty good feedback and and it all points to her being honest, but one of the concerns I had was that her name keeps changing. She emails me with one name and then ships with another and then when I shipped it back I sent it to the same address, but with a different name. Also, when I received my confirmation email, when I won the item, it was an Asian name from San Francisco, but before it was another name from Los Angeles (three different names in total). I hope I don't offend anyone, but I am a little skeptical about the Asian market on ebay.

    I have heard so many horror stories about ebay I am just concerned. I might just be paranoid. Please advise on how I should go about this. I really want to get my money back.
  2. If she has a credit card, she can easily send you a payment through paypal. I would not under any circumstances give her your credit card info. I would ask her to send the money through a cc payment through paypal, or take her check. Hope everything goes well, and you receive your refund.

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  3. Thanks for your quick response.

    I don't know how the paypal/credit stuff works, so am unsure. She mentioned that if she credited by card she would give me a few extra dollars to cover card fees. Should I tell her to credit back paypay on her credit card and minus the card fees?What is the card fee?

  4. Paypal payments are funny. if you pay for something on ebay and don't have enough in paypal the your CC is auntomatically debited with the differnce. However, if you want to send someone a refund, you have to have enought funds in your account.

    I had this situation a few weeks ago. I needed and extra £5 and i couldnt getif from any of my registerd cards. I even phoned paypal to check this and even them employee suggested i ask a friend with a paypal account to "lend me" the extra money to increase my balance!

    the cheque idea seems the safer route. I wouldn't give out my credit card details. Or, you could tgive her a few days to see if she can get more money by sales or something.
  5. I can't give you specific advice, but I agree with the poster who said do not give any private individual your cc info. It's up to her to get more money into her Paypal account to pay you back.
  6. I wouldn't take a credit card because she can do a chargeback later. Just accept a check.
  7. if you accept a check, ask her to give you either a cashier's check or money order.
  8. ^^Agree. If her paypal account is depleted, how do you know her checking account isn't also? Don't risk getting a bounced check!
  9. I would get a money order not a check, if it bounces you are out. Don't give out any credit card info, that could come back to bite you
  10. Good advice given.
    Don't give out Credit Card information.
    Have her mail you cashiers check or money order. They won't bounce!
    Good luck.
    I would let her worry about her fees with ebay. Just get your $$ back.

    One more thing. I'm curious. Would you put up one of her sales? I would like to see if they are fake.
  11. Thanks for all the advise.

    I told her to send me a check. I figure that at this point she has the merchandise anyway, so she has the upper hand. I'll just have to hope she's honest.
    It wasn't a bag, it was clothing.