Advise please on mark removal

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  1. Hi ladies, just wondered if you knew how to get marks off your bag? I have an oak effie, I have just noticed it has a mark on the bag. I assume it's either dye from jeans, or jacket? Is there any way to get it off?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I use collonil gel to remove marks on my oak alexa.
  3. I got it off my oak effie with colonil
  4. Leather wipe?
  5. If you want a definitive answer as to the most suitable solution for stain removal, The Furniture Clinic bag ladies are very knowledgeable and will have the right product/advice for the specific problem......YouTube is also great for tutorials in the removal of all sorts of stains on leather......I am saying this as I had a complete disaster when trying to remove a scuff from my preowned bronze metallic Brooke and made the mark 10 times worse, and larger!!....:faint:..
  6. Is it the pebbled leather ? i used to use a baby wipe on my pink Effie Satchel then Collonil gel when it had dried. I used to check immediately after wearing for any marks and dealt with it then though.
  7. I would try a baby wipe first if the mark is still there I would then use a furniture clinic cleaning spray ultra clean finish with the conditioner treatment to stop any marks being able to stick in again as log as you are quick about removing marks they usually lift quite easily.
    Good luck
  8. Hi I'm looking at a preloved bag to purchase but there's a mark on the back think from demin, it's nude spongy patent leather would this be possible to remove. Any advice much appreciated thanks.
  9. You may get more of a response if you post your question here

    Hope you find your answer :smile:

    And while you are waiting take a peek at The Furniture Clinic web site in the mean time, they do some great problem solving products by all accounts.
  10. I have not seen anyone get a mark totally off this finish it seems to soak into the patent and usually any transfer needs to be removed really quickly from the time it happened. The furniture clinic can always fix things but most things seem to be priced at over £100 good luck
  11. Thanks so much for your advise ladies!! Trusty baby wipe was an excellent idea! Worked a treat! I seem to have has a bad week as managed to draw on it with biro! Luckily only a little, wiped with baby wipe and the spongy leather hides it! thanks again, have a great weekend!
  12. Suggest you use baby wipes with caution. I know a lot of Ladies on here use them but they contain a lot of unwanted chemicals that when used over time or even once can damage your bag. They maybe "gentle" but they are after all made to remove urine!

    Far better and safer to use a leather wipe which are specifically for that use. They are readily available from hardware stores and are very reasonably priced. Collonil products are of course recommended by Mulberry. Someone also mentioned the Furniture Clinic who make a fantastic range of great cleaning and conditioning products for leather. Ultra clean is brilliant.

    Horses for courses....................after all you wouldn't use a leather wipe on your skin or baby's bottom :nogood::rolleyes::nogood: