Advise Please- how much would you pay for this classic?

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  1. I am a first time Chanel buyer and looking at this pre-loved double flap in lambskin (I prefer caviar but my budget is below 3k, and I haven’t found one)

    PRICE: $2650 PayPal invoiced, free shipping.


    Authentic Classic Lambskin Chanel Medium Double Flap Bag

    * Measurements: 10" L x 2.5" W x 6" H
    * Handle Drop: 9" - 17" adjustable

    Perfect if you’re looking for a bag that you don’t really have to baby! Well loved bag, but still a BEAUTIFUL classic!

    *Interior has wear all around inside, scratches, marks, signs of normal day to day use -photos provided
    *1 screw is missing but does not affect the lock! Still works as it should!
    *Exterior has signs of normal day to day use.
    *Diamonds are still fluffy!
    *Exterior has scratches
    *Exterior has 2 scratches that are small but they are there. Because the bag is black color, it’s not that noticeable -photos provided
    *the bag has trouble standing, the bottom is rounded, but can be fixed, I’m sure.
    *Corners have wear -photos provided
    *One of two of the side stitch has come off but this is barely noticeable and doesn’t affect the use of the bag at all!

    Bag, Card, Entrupy Certificate and a dust bag. No extras.

    Also, how much would restorations take? Thanks!

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  2. 2650 doesn't seem too bad, but I'd send it to leather surgeons for sure!! Needs some tlc!
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  3. Thanks! I keep hearing about leather surgeons but haven't used them before. Is $300 a good estimate for repairs and a new screw in your opinion?
  4. Sorry I've never gotten a bag repaired before so I'm not really sure :sad:
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  5. The missing screw really bothers me, but the lambskin looks really good. Personally prefer lamb over caviar though.

    Why not contact leather surgeons and get an estimate?

    Would not pay more than $2500, but that’s just my opinion.
  6. Thanks! The woman ended up selling the bag before I was able to get an estimate from leather surgeons. Oh well, on to my next bag lol.
  7. That’s OK. It just wasn’t meant to be. Let’s pray a caviar classic flap of your liking will come your way! Just keep stalking, you’ll find something!
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  8. Thanks! An orange one from 2014 came on the market and I’m trying to pretend I didn’t see it lol. I love bold colors so I’m always attracted to the reds and oranges.
  9. my gut feeling tells me this is a fake.
    the space between the double CC on the interior flap tells.
    just my $0.02
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  10. ohh good to know! Thank heavens I didn’t purchase it. What does your guy say about this one? I’m still trying to figure out what is real va fake. Thanks!

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  11. The color transfer on this is pretty bad! How much are they asking?

    I'm not an authenticator so I can't speak on that, but please get your bags authenticated in the thread before purchasing anything :smile: just my two cents
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  13. OMG please pass on all of these. just NO!!!!! if you REALLY want a classic m/l PLEASE just keep saving and get a caviar (what you really want) and in better condition. Put on layaway at fashionphile even. But these are really bad!!!
  14. I posted the bag in the authenticate this last night. They are asking $2300. I sent an email to leather surgeons for a quote for a full restoration to see how much it would be for a spa treatment.
  15. I have been looking but it’s far too expensive. I have never paid more than 2500 for a bag and I don’t think I ever will personally...that’s just me. The cheapest I saw was 3K but it was in similar condition to the orange one where I would have to get it professionally cleaned. I contacted leather surgeons to get an estimate and if it could be restored.