Advise please classic jumbo maxi or double faced bag?

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  1. Hello all, I am after some advise really... I bought my 1st charl bag this week but unfortunately it wasn't the one wanted- I thought I was buying the classic jumbo flap but it turns out the one I got ha the rucksack type straps. The the kind seller has agreed to an exchange and the choice I have is the classic black lambskin jumbo maxi flap at 13.5 Inc or the black lambskin double faced bag at 10 inch. They are both used but the double face is as new the classic is in vintage condition. I have not seen the double face yet but she will send me pics . Now I will probably only own 1 Chanel bag due to funds so which should it be- I really appreciate your thoughts
  2. I find the double face kind of weird looking, don't pass up a jumbo maxi!
  3. ^^ thank you, the jumbo maxi has the extra long strap about 52 inch is this a wearable length when doubled if i want the bag to end around waist?
  4. if the straps are too long you can always shorten them by putting a rubber band on one side of the strap under the flap.
  5. I prefer the jumbo maxi
  6. That's a good idea- thanks! Just waiting on a price and actual pics of the bag as we speak!
  7. It was the jumbo I was originally after so I was gutted when I received a lovely bag but with the back pack straps! Totally my mistake though as I am new to Chanel I didn't read the listing properly. At least the lovely seller has agreed to exchange for me- I am just worried that the maxi is quite vintage aged in it's leather and the chain. Am intrigued as to what the double face looks like though