Advise on this HERMES BIRKIN pls~~~

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  1. I have read some articles about how to spot a fake HERMES BIRKIN, but I am still incapable to tell a good fake just from looking at the pictures. Can anybody tell me if this birkin is real? and how do you tell it?
    DSC03990.JPG DSC04004.JPG DSC04014.JPG DSC04065.JPG DSC04057.JPG
  2. You'll want to post this in the "Authenticate this Hermes" forum.

    I will say that the ladies/gents that authenticate Hermes won't tell you why the bag is fake or not (if it is - as I am not an expert on Hermes yet) b/c no doubt that fakers come here to get "improvement tips.:

    Welcome to the forum. :welcome:
  3. Welcome! Yes, please post all questions about authenticity in the Authenticate This Hermes thread. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.