advise on RED leather bags

  1. Hi everyone. I'm really really craving a red leather bag. But I dont know where to start? My collection is all coach leather, but they currently dont have anything decent in red. So I was browsing through Nordstroms website and found these:

    First one is by Francesco Biasa

    Second one by Furla

    Third is by Micheal Kors

    And fourth is by Jessica Simpson

    So ladies, what number 1, 2, 3, or 4???

    Or can you guys suggest other bags. I like them leather, not too complicated and around the $400-500 range. Thanks in advance for the input.
  2. I like the FURLA one, but I'd be afraid that patent leather could scratch easily. I don't own any accessories in patent leather, so I really don't know about that
  3. Second one
  4. I like #3 best out of those, and then #1.
  5. I like one and two .... sorry i can't make my mind up as much as i've tried :yes:
  6. I'd have to go with #1 or 2, with 2 slightly in the lead.
  7. 2nd for me.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Also, if this is going to be an everyday purse or work purse type situation, I'd think No. 2 wouldn't be a fit for that purpose. On 4, I've never seen a Jessica Simpson bag IRL to know that's what it was, but others have commented that some do not seem to be good quality. Let us know what you decide!
  9. 2nd or 3rd for me.Here are two other bags listed on

    Valentino $590


    Bottega Veneta $665


    Sorry,they are both alittle more than $500
    valentino.jpg bv.jpg
  10. i like one and three.
  11. You should consider the Kooba Elisha in red, around $535.00 at . The color is the most marvelous muted red with soft buttery leather.
  12. I like 1 then 3. Good luck with your decision.
  13. Ok, so even though I am obsessed with MK and Fransesco Biasia, I hate patent leather and would go with the Jessica Simpson out of your options. I would be afraid of messing up the patent leather. If you're looking for something for everyday I would suggest trying to find something in more of a matte leather.

  14. ITA I have this bag its the most amazing color and leather!!!! DEF would be my rec.

    if not then #3 of your pictures

    BUT i also wanted to say if you love coach you may want to wait and see if the patent ergo hobo comes out in red maybe call cust service see if you can find out

    cause the hamptons limited edition patent coin purse in red is AMAZING such a great color everything and if that made it into production in the patent ergo's it would be amazing too! :smile:
  15. I'm not a fan of patent leather, so I'd go #4.

    I saw a fall '07 bag for Bottega Veneta in Carmino, a lipstick red, and it's expensive but the most gorgeous lipstick red I've ever seen. Wasn't allowed to take a pic of it (it was a trunk show).

    I'm sure others will come up with additional ideas too.