Advise on MJ Quilted Classic Tote...

  1. I found this MJ Tote (style # C371014) in brown...for 40% off ..I guess comes out around $800 it worth it?

    I have the SA hold it for me, I haven't seen it in person so not sure what shade of brown this 'brown' tote is....
    can any of you ladies help, is it dark brown? or one of those tan browns?
    (I would go see it for myself, but I'm called out on assignment :sad: )

    and is this a good price for the purse? I know its a pass style, but its a classic, right??

    thanks in advance for your take on the purse & deal ( or not)
  2. can i delete a thread I started??? like this one?...

    decided to spend my money on a better brand ...I guess MJ is only good if i'm only spending it around the price of a coach right?
  3. I think you can try PM'ing a Mod (Jill is the Mod for this forum) and see if she'll close the thread for you. Good luck on whatever bag you decide to get although I believe MJ bags are worth the money! ;)
  4. hmmm... what is the price of a Coach? :shrugs: i think it depends on the material (leather or canvas) and the design, some MJ bags could become classic on their own in 10 or more than 10 years time. but i havent seen a Coach bag which potentially could be a classic in future. JMO. :upsidedown:
  5. Ashakes has this bag and she loves it. I think you can find it for cheaper though, if you're really interested.

  6. I have that bag as well and I'm really happy with it. I posted some photos on the Your MJ Bags thread if you want to have a better idea of what it looks like irl. :smile: Good luck and I hope you find the perfect bag for you.