Advise on listing bags on ebay

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  1. Aloha,

    I am run a consignment business seling on eBay, I have a good friend that wants me to sell some of her items. LV bag, two Marc Jacobs Bags, Burberry Bag. I have never sold items like this and I have been reasearching and I see lot of these auctions get pulled, I know all items are Authentic, Iwas even with her when she bought a few. I usally start all my auctions at $9.99
    I see people say that makes people think items are fake, should I start the items at a higher price. Sorry for the long post any help would be appreciated.


  2. I wouldn't start an authentic designer auction at $9.99 personally, unless you're prepared to sell it that low. I'd start it at the bare mimimum or just under to get more exposure than you're hoping to get.

    Make sure you took OODLES of photos, inside and out and of every possible view.
    Be fair on the shipping ;)
  3. You can set a reserve price so that if bidding stays lower than you want as a minimum for the purse, it won't be sold. They have to bid up to the reserve, or else it's not sold just because the listing ends. Like Swanky Mama said, take good photos and accurately describe the condition of each bag.
  4. Check the subforum and other listings to see the types of things people like to see photos of for that particular brand of bag (zipper pull, serial number, etc). I wouldn't start as low as 9.99, but a few do.
  5. Some people do start high end items at $9.99. It encourages bidding. But definitely put a reserve price!