Advise on Elgin please

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  1. I received choc Elgin this week and it really is a beautiful bag. But, what do you ladies think, does it suit me? Is Elgin a keeper or a leaver?? Opinions please!!

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  2. Looks great, it definitely suits you, especially as you look so tall and slim! I can't wear big bags as I am only 5'1"!
  3. Thanks Jazzy, glad you like Elgin! I am 173 cm, got no idea how much that is in feet.
  4. That's about 5'7", whereas I would be about 156cm!
  5. BC, that Elgin looks lovely on you! The size doesn't look too big at all. I say keep her!!!!!
  6. BC , I love that on you , you look fabulous and always with a beautiful smile !
  7. it looks good on u!..i think wth elgin slim and tall suits the the choco in elgin!..., i'm 5'4 and size 14..the bag looked really chunky on me...
  8. Oh I do love the elgin! That chocolate one looks great on you! I had one but found it too heavy... whenI think about the bag I have a tinge of regret, because it is such a lovely style...
  9. definitely keep it, it looks great on you!
  10. Hi, I would say keep it! The two of you seem to be happy together:smile:
  11. You look great togheter! Keep it if you like it, I just love mine (although black) more and more all the time. And I am rather short, 160 cm ;).
  12. Keep! Looks super on you BC :tup:
  13. I agree it looks fab on you.
    Do you find it too heavy though and is it comfortable to wear?
  14. I agree, It's a keeper!! :tup:
  15. Thank you all for the compliments! I just took her out, and got a lot of compliments from the other mothers in my daughters sports team too. I do not find her too heavy, and compared to Bays, Elgin sure sits comfortably on the shoulder. So I guess for now I will keep her. do I now raise funds to buy one of the new season bags????!