Advise on Day Griege

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  1. Girls I need your advice...i've just received a day griege today and it's a lot more grey and less beige than I expected. I didnt love the colour straight away but wondering if it will grow on me. All you griege owners - do you love the colour and do you find it very versatile ? Am wondering if I should exchange it for another colour ?

    p/s the leather is really thick and smooshy though !
  2. I too thought the Greige would be more "beige-y", as I bought it without seeing it IRL. I was concerned that it was too gray for a bit, however, I have found it to be an extremely versatile color, and I have had so many compliments on the color, more than any other bag I've got!

    I am now totally in love with it. ( and the leather is TDF!!)
  3. As soon I get mine I'll let you know, some are more beige some more gray. I actually prefer it to be a little more gray, w'll see what I get.
  4. I've a greige city. It's more grey than beige and I love it to bits. It's what I'd call a 'warm' grey as opposed to a 'cool' grey. The colour seems to work with pretty much any colour (except the 'cool' greys). I wear a lot of neutrals, and it's perfect for me.
    Take it into your wardrobe and hold it against your clothing and you'll soon see if it works for you ;)
  5. Thanks you guys - I think I'm going to keep it after all. It is quite a unique colour and I figured black will always be available. Once it becomes more distressed with use, I think the beige undertones will show up more. It's a more practical option than the new natural esp since I plan to use it as a diaper bag

    Hope you like griege Catcat !
  6. My greige is definitely gray. But I really like it.
  7. i can't tell whether my greige mini-bowler is more beige or more grey (?) :shrugs:...but it's a gorgeous bag & the leather is amazing :heart:

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  8. I love your mini bowler aaallabama - so cute ! The colour is close to mine, although I have seen alot lighter ones. Wonder why there are so many variations in each colour - well guess that makes each bbag unique then !

    Here's a pic of mine :yes:

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  9. mine is lighter

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  10. Oh My God you guys, I LOVE that Day and MiniBowler. I'm kicking myself for not getting it, but I bought three 06 Days (with another on the way), and I just can't bring myself to get another 06 bbag, at least not until seeing that MiniBowler. Love that shape. Haven't seen it IRL but now I am on the hunt. Thanks for sharing. Rock with Greige.
  11. Whow ginger your greige is beautiful the leather looks amazing!:love: