Advise on Courier please??

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Courier as a diaper bag.... does that sound or look silly?

    I like to wear my cross-sling bags low, does anyone know how long the extendable strap is at its longest?

    Lastly, how do I tell whether a Courier (on ebay) is authentic? There doesn't seem to be any notched rivets on Couriers, which is the lazy and easiest method for me in differentiating auth from fakes. Does anyone know what to look out for and what the serial/model no. should be? AtelierNaff doesn't have much info on Couriers.

    Many many thanks in advance!!! :smile:
  2. Sorry can't really help but was wondering if there are even fake courriers since the model is not as popular?
  3. i'll give my thoughts. I've actually got a Rouge Vif courier on ebay right now. You can NOT wear this across body - LOW. It will go across body, but it is a very high fit, hence the name "courier". Very much like a newspaper carrier's bag. The size would be awesome as a diaper bag, it will fit a lot, without being heavy, but won't hang very low. you can adjust the strap, but it only "doubles" up, you can't extend it very long. HTH
  4. i think the courier would make a great diaper bag, that's why i bought mine :love:
  5. if you're worried about fakes etc... but sure to post any listings in the authenticate section and help will be at hand for sure!!! :biggrin:
  6. how do you hold the courier?

    i know the strap isnt long enough to be worn messenger style, but i think it would look kind of silly wearing it over the shoulder.

    i know around the chest is the "offical way", thus the name "courier", but do guys think it would look good being worn on the back ala Kate Moss and her flat brass hobo?

    also, are the handles on the day bag long enough to be worn courier style? i would be interested in getting a "giant day" in one of the new spring colors if it could...

  7. Courrier's are perfect for nappy bags. I use my Rouille Courrier all the time. I always wear it across the body and it sits perfectly on my hip bone. You can adjust the strap if you want it to sit lower though. I personally think the Courrier style lends itself to bolder colours. It's not as if you'd take it out to a nice dinner somewhere. It's more of a daytime bag, so go bold with colour!
  8. It looks like it would be able to hold enough for a diaper bag and is nicer than what any true diaper bag looks like. You are going to be the hip mommy with one.
  9. I am actually quite short...158cm...Sad, I know. So, I have my courrier on the first notch, so it sits on my hip. The Voyage is too big for me. Just the size of the bag part looks like a second preggie belly on me. If you're taller though it wouldn't look too bad. The courrier strap is full adjustable. If you want it sitting high or low, you can adjust it accordingly.
  10. after meandering off dreaming about the other styles, I'm now back to courier...think I'm pretty set on getting one. :yes:

    Kitegirl, I saw a pic of you with your courier. when u say "I have my courrier on the first notch", does it mean that it's at its shortest?

    Aloharag only has the black now, does anyone know where I can find other colors? There's a black on ebay now, and I'm only hesitating cos it's black. Should I just grab that or wait for the '07 colors or something else to pop up on ebay? ... I'd really love to have one now to use as a diaper bag, but I already have a black city.... HELP!!! :confused1: