Advise needed - which Chanel shell I get?!

  1. Hello Ladies!:heart:

    I have a small problemo.
    I was planning on getting a Reissue now in Spring.
    Here are the Details/Infos:
    My Options were:
    An old gold one (My SA told me its going to be an dark older gold, maybe even a bit “dirty’), or an dark gold metallic or an dark silver one. I am not very fond of the very light shiny gold; this can easily look cheap plus I like understatement.
    But I think that an Gold Reissue would be a better decision/choice than an silver one, as I already have many silver bags, and it just fits more to my clothing and its just more elegant.
    I always thought about getting a medium version, so 226 or 227 but not a Jumbo.
    As I am only 22 I only wear Chanel when I go out, not during the Day. Well I don’t wear a Classic or a Reissue Bag, But a Cabas for example I would wear.. as I dress very comfortable at University.

    Now today I ran into this really cool second store what I never knew existed and they have a Chanel Reiusse in light silver in the Jumbo Size for 1600 Euros. Its basically new.
    Now I thinking about getting this one. First its much cheaper and second its kinda cool.

    But its soo big! I tried it on with a black top (I wear a lot of black tops when going out) and it did kind of look cool. But I felt uncomfortable. I had it over my shoulder and looked at myself from the side and it was so big!!! I wear big shoppers during the day…. But for going out?! I tried putting across my body ( I saw a few ladies of you do that) but it kinda looked stupid. The strap wasn’t long enough. I am tall and (not the thinnest currently, well gained a bit over Christmas…L) and the bag was like by my hip.. what looked pretty stupid.. Especially as it is silver… so it stud out… but not in a good way…u know what I mean? I looked like a Barbie girl…
    So I don’t know what to do.
    Some of you ladies love the jumbos…
    I always wanted a medium bag for going out. Not to small otherwise its unporportional with my body but not to big as I go dancing.

    I know many young girls wear jumbos (in black or so) as messenger bags to their sporty outfits.. or “grunch” outfits or however you call kate moses style.. But I am not that kind of girl… plus I think you need to be kinda thin to wear it like that… otherwise it looks stupid.

    What do you ladies think I should do?
    Buy the Jumbo Reissue or wait for the new ones to come out and get the original size I wanted.
    Why are you ladies anyway so excited about the Jumbos? Do u wear them to suits or so?

    Hope to get some answers and opinions here… Would be helpful!!!


    Ps.: Sorry about the sudden size change of the font- couldnt change it anymore.. dont know why!
  2. hi :smile: ~ if you have silver bags already & you would like a bag for going out in the evening then i would go with the dark gold 226 :smile:
  3. I am waiting for the re-issue-- I like medium black with the gold hardware-- from all the SA's that I have talked to, most of them commented that the gold is more elegant.
  4. $2,095 A302227: - Large 12.25″ x 9.18″ x 2.5″
    $2,495 A302228: - The X-Large aka Jumbo 14.2″ x 9.8″ x 3″ (rare)

    Are those Prices true?

    Because that would make the Jumbo cost 1,701.90 Euros and that cant be - its much to cheap?!
    I read somewhere else in the forum that the Reissue is 3000 Dollars+(something?)

    Can anyone help?

    And thanks for ur opinions till now...

    Still thinking...:smile:
  5. love to wear my jumbo with just casual clothings for work and it goes pretty well when i dress up as well.
    mine is a metallic black reissue 227. it's fairly roomy and sits comfortably on my hips when i sling it across. hahah thing is i'm pretty short at 5'1. only issue i have is that it gets a bit too heavy when i sling it across...
    i even managed to fit a tiny brolly in my 227
  6. oh and if u find jumbo's too big, try the medium size... it looks really good to me and still big enough for the essentials
  7. If you're planning on using a reissue as your going out bag, I would def recommend sticking with a smaller size. I don't think saving money is going to make you feel better if you don't enjoy carrying it out for night events. I really enjoy my black caviar jumbo, but I would never use it as a going out bag because it's way too big -- great for day, but just not an evening bag. That's why I'm holding out for a smaller size bag for evening! FYI, I am your age!

    Good luck. Just go with your gut!