Advise needed how to litter train a stray cat

  1. Sorry longish
    About 6 months ago a little female cat started sneaking into my kitchen a few times a week eating my cat’s food. She was very sweet and hungry so started giving her food and cuddles. Around December she started coming round morning and evening and staying the night. I already have a cat and he doesn’t like her too much, but they seem to just ignore each other.

    A couple of weeks ago she had a big bump on her head which turned out to be an abscess. I am quite sure that she doesn’t have a home as no cat owner would leave their cat in the state this little cat was in, I took her to the vet to get her abscess seen to, she had antibiotics and I treated her fleas. She’s not been spayed (she’s on heat at the moment) she’s booked into the vets for next week. She’ll need to stay indoors for at least 12 hours before her operation, as she can’t eat anything before a general anaesthetic. She’s not litter trained, tried to show her the litter tray but she doesn’t want to use it and prefers to go out.

    I’ve lived with cats all my life and all were litter trained, so how can I litter train her? Any tips appreciated
  2. You will probably need to keep her in either a large crate or a small room until she learns where she is supposed to do her business. There is also a litter called "Cat Attract" I have never tried it but I heard it works well to litter train cats. She is a very lucky girl to have found you. Thank you for taking her in and getting her the vet care she needs.
  3. My cats all just instinctively used the litter boxes, they were both grown when I took them in and I never had a problem with them using it.
  4. You can also try giving her a substrate that she's used to. Try putting some dirt or sand into a litter pan and seeing if that makes it a little more inviting. I've had OK luck with Feliway to help calm one of my kitties down (she wasn't feeling well and took to using the bed and the sofa as litter boxes. Not her fault, but oy! did that suck.)

    You're lovely for taking her in :smile:
  5. Cindi,Cas and Anne

    Thanks for your tips.
    She's such a little sweetie, hope she gets used to the tray soon, she really is a little alley cat :smile:
  6. Here's what I do when I foster kittens, most of whom need litter-training. I don't know if she will learn as fast, being older, but give it a try. I know this sounds gross, but you should wait until she goes somewhere where you can pick it up. Let her see you pick it up and put it in the litter pan. Then put her in there and make her paws do the motions of covering it up. Just walk her through it a few times. Cats have a natural instinct to cover their scent, so she will see that you are providing the means for her to do so. Also, cats learn from one another very well, so maybe she would benefit from seeing your other cat do it.