Advise and support requested after robbery

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  1. Hi, I am brand new. IDK if I am even doing this right. A year and 1/2 ago many of my jewelry collection was stolen. My heart has been broken. Since, they were pieces from my Grandmother and Mother from 50’s & 70’s I know they can’t be replaced and my Tiffany Silver collection. Yes, I reported it but only 7 months after (I had hired help in home) of when I believed it happened because they were hidden. Everything is at the bank now. I had hired a cleaning service then because I had had stomach surgery and couldn’t clean anything that required bending over. I was on lots of medication and had a 6 month recovery.

    I want to start replacing items. I know, I can’t buy the originals. I am in counseling because I am mostly upset about the loss of my Mother’s items because I feel like I let her down and I miss her. She has been gone for 20 years.

    I am asking for some advice and encouragement. I want to buy my collection up again, but I don’t know if I am making good decisions in how I spend my money. I would love your opinion if I am making good investment choices.

    I can’t decide on my first purchase toward replacement.
    Hermès black or white H bracelet $620
    Hermès enamel small $295 bracelet
    Tiffany 1837 pieces but I am afraid I be sad seeing it

    1. What do you all think is a good investment of my choices
    2. What would you recommend instead?
    3. If I was to look for vintage pieces what store or sites do you recommend?

    Thank you for any advice
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    No idea of your budget, style, former collection, or goals, making it hard to address.

    Jewelry overall is a poor investment in that it's wildly marked up and isn't easy to liquidate for anything like the purchase price, except for expensive name brands like Van Cleef & Arpel, Harry Winston, Cartier, etc. Of the things you mention, costume jewelry (vs. fine jewelry) has little prospect of truly holding its purchase price value, or appreciating, including those Hermes items. Tiffany branded silver jewelry in the several-hundred-dollar range likewise isn't an investment.

    Read the threads in the Jewelry subforum and perhaps get some ideas, bearing in mind that your taste and budget are what's important and that jewelry in the hundreds and low thousands isn't going to be a nest egg or anything like that.

    But: Do you want a wearing collection, mostly, and don't literally mean "investment"? Then consider your style and needs (work? evening events?) and what you enjoy, and get stuff. Enjoy the process.
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  3. So very sorry for your loss! :console: My suggestion would be to buy pieces you'll love, enjoy, and will wear, rather than being concerned about investment. Buy what makes your heart sing! And if you're able to buy pieces that remind you in some way of your mother and grandmother, all the better. I'm sure neither would want you to feel badly about this, as it happened when you were merely trying to take care of yourself. It was certainly not your fault. Perhaps just start with a few pieces, and see how you feel about various brands. :heart: Sending you best wishes!
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