Advisable to wear CL's Clubbing?

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  1. Yes so I've only worn my camel patent decolette's a few times and i really want to wear it out...Has anyone worn their CL's to a club and what were your experiences? For myself when I wear my heels nothing has ever happened to them except for my gold pumps which got black scuff marks everywhere & cant get them off...only because I walked around a lot and was GONE. however i think today wont be as bad...

    any suggestions?
  2. I wouldn't do it. If someone had spilled something on my shoes or stepped on my feet and scratched them, I would cry.
  3. I've done it - but only after I had them for awhile and didn't care as much anymore. If they've only been worn them a couple of times, I don't think I'd do it
  4. Depends on the club, how crowded it will be and if they are comfy enough for you to dance and stand if necessary. If they are comfy I say go for it as shoes are meant to be lived in when they look that good.
  5. lol! i know huh....that's my quote of the day SHOES ARE MADE TO BE LIVED IN IF THEY LOOK THAT GOOD. lol.

    thanks everyone for your replies...i can never find any cheaper NICE nude heels so i guess my CL's will do. if they do get jacked up then i would cry .... i'll just sit the whole time haha JK
  6. I agree that shoes are made to be lived in if they look that good. However, I would be careful wearing them to a club. I'd wait until you've worn them a bit so you don't ruin them their first time out. That would be utterly heartbreaking. It would also depend on the particular club, how comfortable the shoes are, and how long you're going to be on your feet.
  7. Make sure you have fun! Me & my friends laugh at the girls :cry: at the club after someone spills a drink on their suede purse or scuffs their new shoes. No doubt you will look cute, so if your CLs are comfortable enough to dance and stand all night in, then enjoy!:happydance: But please don't wear them if you are going to sit in a corner & baby your shoes all night. :lecture:
  8. I wouldn't wear my CL's clubbing because all the soles on my clubbing shoes are so dirty.
  9. No, don't do'll regret it. lol
  10. I wear all mine out. Yes I do get mad if someone steps on me or spills something on them, but you bought them to wear them, not look at them in their box! You worked hard to get them, so enjoy them! I have around 10 and each of them have been all over NYC with no problems.
  11. I wouldn't want to have to walk in them that much unless they are pretty comfy or you just valet your car and then go inside and sit. But I agree that shoes are made to be worn.
  12. i would wear my patent black miss boxe to clubs b/c they're in patent and scuffs are usually easily wiped off on patent... though i really wouldn't advise you to wear loubs to clubs especially when you have one of those bad club nights... i wore a pair of suede guccis to a club and they got stained so bad that i can't even find myself wearing them again.. from then on i just wore a pair of cheap heels lol!
  13. no, i don't recommend it at all unless you are willing to accept the possibility of getting your shoes ruined. i destroyed the heels of my patent iowas when i went clubbing. i am still partly traumatised!
  14. I wear them out, but I'm really anal. lol Make sure they are comfy and like the others said, that you aren't going to sit in the corner and not enjoy yourself! :smile:

    I wouldn't wear suede, but your patent ones should be fine. I would just take into account the type of crowd that will be there. When I lived in South Beach, I would go to a mix of places, both lounges and all out clubs. I would wear expensive shoes to the clubs, BUT they were ones I didn't care as much about anymore. I definitely would not have worn a pair of suede rolandos or something. That would have just been asking for it and I probably would have got in a fight with somebody, and I'm so not confrontational, but if shoes or a bag were involved, it may be a different story. LMAO
  15. I've worn mine out clubbing and dancing at private events. I usually bring somd fold up ballet slippers with me that I slip in my purse because inevitably after a few hours of dancing my feet get sore. My CLs are comfier than many of my other high heels but still after about 3 to 4 hours (especially at my weight) my feet need a break.