Advisable to re-sole shoes?


Aug 20, 2008
I used to re-sole all my shoes with vibrams to make the soles last longer and also for anti-slip purposes. Recently, the soles on my 3 year old Ferragamos and Chanel ballet flats came off. Not the vibrams but the original soles, there is a gap at the mouth of the shoe.
I thought it was due to my walking style, must have kicked too many things.

When I mentioned this to the Ferragamos SA, he said re-soles are bad ideas. The cobbler had to file the original soles first before putting the vibrams on. He said Ferragamos does not encourage re-soles as this will cause damage to the shoe structure. He recommended the stick-on anti-slip sole instead.

Has anyone heard about this?
Oct 20, 2008
I use the stick-on non-skid soles from Foot Petals to prevent slipping. That's about all I do to my shoes. I don't bother with adding Vibram soles. If my shoes get worn down (a rare occurrence as I have many shoes), I send them out to be refurbished.

My dad, who got his shoes custom made, always preached leather soles and good leather uppers because they can be repaired over and over as long as you don't wear a hole in them.


Jun 10, 2014
Hmmm, I like the soling my shoes right away with rubber/vibram soles, and haven't had any vibrams wear out on me, but I think it's definitely doable to get vibram soles replaced when they wear down (at least you wouldn't wear out the leather soles that way).