Advices on Pandora Box pls.....

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  1. I believe i'm a bit late cos I was new to givenchy and fallen in her collection since my first Nightingale gotten last year. And now looking for a structured bag that wonder Pandora box would be my first choice. However, am debuting to go for Grey Croco embossed or black. I like the croco embossed yet black stays more classic and wont go wrong with any color. Need advices....

    P.S am lacking of black bag and love coloful outfits
  2. The Pandora Box is really great! I saw the version that is a textured patent leather with a long gold chain handle/strap, they had it in pink and black. The bag is a beauty for sure! Good luck deciding on the color but if you need a black bag...that might be the way to go.
  3. Thanks Jaxholt15! I thinking am personally more into black which i believe black is always able to stay for longer. and black could be so versatile to dress-up/down without any issue.:P
  4. I just got a mini Pandora box last week in navy and it is gorgeous! I want the white and the grey now too!
    Out of black and grey ccroc embossed, I would go for grey croc embossed. I find the black abit bland and doesn't wow as much because the unique shape kinda blends into the black whereas another colour really highlights the shape 🏼
  5. Tks Yinnie! Glad to tell u that i got my medium pandora box in black ! Just so in love and i found it's way more practical than i expected cos it can hold tons! Love love love