Advices on Clutch

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  1. I recently adore the design and color of Mulberry Daria Clutch. However the price is a bit beyond my budget. Besides that, i'm not really a clutch person, so i might end up keeping the clutch in my wardrobe. I might only use my clutch for formal dinner, however i only have one formal dinner in a year which is my company annual dinner.

    So do you girls think i should spend on a clutch which i will seldom use? Besides Mulberry Daria Clutch, is there other brand and model that is more affordable and about similar look?

    When would you carry your clutch actually? Dinner only? Or even use it casually like during lunch? Do you think if i used Mulberry Daria Clutch during lunch is too flashy? Clutch can only put very little stuff, otherwise it will look too bulky, am i right?

    I would like to hear all advices on clutch that i'm exploring it now :biggrin: Thanks in advance.
  2. I wouldn't spend a whole lot if you're not going to use it often, but generally it's good to own at least one clutch, I think. If you're going to buy, say, the metallic blue Daria that might be too flashy for daytime use, but if you stick with a neutral colour it's pretty versatile, and large enough where it's not going to get too bulky. You mentioned it was beyond your budget, though. Have you looked at Tory Burch at all? They're a little less pricey.