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  1. I'm looking to buy a pair of diamond earring off ebay - the seller has a opening bid of $325 and a buy it now of $425 - its been up for a while and didn't sell last week and I forgot to bid so I contacted the seller as asked her to let me know if you was going to relist them.

    She writes me back telling me the earrings have been relisted - then the next email asked me to buy it now for $425 and that she would issue me a refund of the $100 right away so I only pay $325 - the opening bid as she needs the cash now.

    I'm always a cautious buyers so I don't understand why a seller would want to do this.

    Is this a format of a new scam? Which I just can't understand.

    Anyone come across this before?
  2. Don't buy them for $425. Ask her to change the buy it now price - she can change it if she really wants to, and it's obviously a lot easier to do than issuing a partial refund. Seems like she's just trying to get the most money for them now that she knows someone is interested.
  3. I don't get it either. Surely if she sold it for $325 instead, her seller fees would be cheaper, as those are done by percentage. Can't figure out her motive, but don't do it.
  4. Tell her that you will bid the starting price of $325 and once you bid, she can end the listing early to "sell to the high bidder." That way, the transaction is on ebay, you'll get the earrings for the agreed upon price and all will go smoothly.

    Let her know that If you BIN for $425, she'll pay the FVF on the full $425. If she ends it early for $325, she'll only pay FVF on $325.
  5. I wouldn't do it. I see no benefit to you and no benefit to her unless she plans on keeping the extra $100.00 for awhile.
  6. This. My guess is that she just doesn't know how to do this and thinks the only way to end a listing early is to use BIN.
  7. My guess would be that once you hit BIN and pay, she's under no obligation to return the $100 to you, so you'd end up paying the full $425 for the earrings.
  8. Agreed. Or she could just amend the BIN to 325 for you. Don't understand why she would want to pay fees on 100 more!
  9. I could be wrong but can you still file a dispute if you have received a partial refund? Perhaps there is something dodgy with the item and she wants to issue the partial refund to prevent a case being opened?
    I am not sure but a while ago Im sure I read someone couldnt open a case because there had been a partial refund on the transaction.

    I could be way off here but I wouldnt do it unless she will change the buy it now price Id hold off.
  10. As others have suggested, ask your seller to relist the item for $325 price..

    And would not be interested in her offer of issuing a $100 refund... read between
    the lines here
  11. Thank you ladies, I've asked the seller to change the BIN price... I felt it was a little fishy just couldn't understand where the scam was.

    I never knew it was not possible to open a case if a partial refund was already issued.

    Thanks again!