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  1. Hello ladies, i need your help. I'm currently saving for my first classic and i'm torn between sizes. I know this has been asked a million times over but i'm not sure if i should get the M/L or the jumbo?
    A few photos for reference, i'm 5ft2. The first photo is of my WOC and the second is a bag i tried on in store that i think is about the same size as a jumbo?
    I love the M/L size but i'm worried that it doesn't fit an awful lot in. Whereas with the jumbo i know i can fit alot but im wondering if it'll look too large and get too heavy? Ah please help!

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  2. I'm 5'4" and my first Chanel was a Jumbo single flap. I do love it but sometimes I want something lighter. I do love the size though because I can fit a lot. Hope that helped at least a bit. BTW I love your outfit with the WOC.
  3. Get medium you will love it. Jumbo is a little heavy.
  4. I suggest the m/l I have the jumbo and its heavy
  5. I suggest a jumbo I just got one am about the same like you and I just adore it
  6. I am about your height. I like the m/l size. Fits me better.
    But also because I don't carry a lot of stuff
  7. I do think the jumbo is a bit big, or wide, for you. But if fits everything you have, then you should still consider it
  8. +1 :d
  9. I suggest the jumbo as it fits more. M/l is too small.
  10. I think ultimately it depends on what you want to use the classic flap for. My best advice is for you to take what you want to fit in your classic flap to the store and place it in an ml and jumbo to see if your essentials fit (with room to move if needed). From my own experience, if you get too hung up on what you think looks better on you, functionality issues will get thrown out the window and your choice may not be enjoyed cos its not big enough/too big. The "what's in your bag" thread should be really helpful for you. Good luck shopping!
  11. it depends. I prefer my M/L. It doesnt fit alot in but the Jumbo is quite heavy. I also find it looks a little big on me - i tend to shorten the chains when i use. I am 5' 4''.
  12. It depends on your lifestyle, I'm same size as you but jumbo doesn't fit me....I'm happy with my m/l
  13. Ask yourself what you will use this bag for? If its more for evenings and dinners, M/L would be more appropriate, but if you need an everyday bag that you need to carry more w then jumbo.
  14. I agree with other members, it depends on the usage. If it's everyday, then jumbo. If it's special occasion, then m/l.