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  1. Anyone have any advice when it comes to selling? I currently have a wristlet for sale that I bought 2 yrs ago from Coach directly. It has the metal hang tag but since there are so many fakes with those I keep getting questions about it's authenticity. Basically accusing me of selling a fake when I know 200% it is not. I understand buyers being cautious - I've been burned myself. But it's almost insulting. :sad: I just wanted to make some room in my closet and save for something new, but wow, it's almost not worth it.
  2. The best selling advice I can give is to put a lot of big clear photos in your listing. Also, say in your listing that you guarantee authenticity. I don't think it's necessary to say "200% guarantee" or anything like that because it makes it look like you have something to prove (or hide). Do you have a fair amount of seller feedback?
  3. As far as feedback goes, yes, I have nearly 600 positives and have been using ebay for 8 yrs. I understand what you're saying about the guarantee though. Thanks for the input.
  4. a little late on the response but for future reference, i suppose...

    sometimes i ask sellers for extra pics or question its authenticity simply as a way of gauging how easy it is to work with the seller in case something goes wrong or I need to make a return. Also, the seller's response works as an explicit claim of selling an authentic item (in case the item turns out to be a fake). That way if the auction is disputed, etc., I can (as the buyer) say "Hey, Seller explicitly stated that it was going to be an authentic item and look, my coach SA gave me a signed letter saying that this isn't real."

    I'm not saying that all sellers sell fake, but i've heard of plenty posting authentic pics and selling fake items. sellers could just be trying to protect themselves.
  5. in the future, just keep reciepts. I do, its not as tedious or space consuming as i thought it would be, and transactions not only go smoother in terms of authenticity, but I swear the items go for more with the reciept. Just keep an envelope.