1. Our anniversary is coming up next month,,,do ya'll have any suggestions? Doug has asked me for some ideas and I am just not sure. I know I want a new purse but I'm not sure which one. :confused1: Ideas!!!?????:flowers:
  2. really depends.. how long have u been together? what brands are you into? any limit?
  3. We've been married 12 years. I love Coach and Dooney. As for limit, I like to give him a couple of choices at different prices so he can choose what price he wants to spend. :heart: :yes:
  4. Hey G!

    If you end up getting your daughter the choco Chloe Paddington bag- you are soooo going to want one for yourself! :yes:
  5. Get one that you love but do take into consideration how much his budget is and try to keep it lower or in it. LOL. Don't want to sticker shock them too much.
  6. Oh boy,,,,if we end up getting the Paddy for our daughter, then there won't be much left for lil' ole' me!!! :sad: But I know a Coach or DB would work in our budget somehow, someway....he's the kind that will take on an extra project to get it for me.. :yes: :heart: