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  1. Everyone knows that I have been taunting you with the chanel reissue bag ... and I still am!! haha ...

    NM only accept American Express and NM cards (which I dont have).
    Saks only ship in USA
    Chanel Paris are sold out

    My last resort is to look in Dubai which I have a friend doing now ... and ..... GULP .. Ebay!

    anyway ...

    in the mean time I am thinking of getting a bag to hit the spot before i get the chanel ....

    what do you think?

    Blue City Balenciaga
    LV Manhatten
    Taupe Stam

    any other suggestions?
  2. The blue city Balenciaga gets my vote!
  3. Balenciaga, definitely. I hadn't carried mine in a couple of weeks and I switched to it the other day - love it! :love:
  4. Blue city!
  5. Something you can do is order a Nieman Marcus gift card online and when that comes, call NM to place a phone order. The SA had suggested that. I was going to do that with my Paddy, but I ended up buying it through NM's pre-order online. Or you could buy an American Express gift card and use that instead. That way, if the bag falls through for some reason, you could use the American Express anywhere.
  6. I tried the Stam and wanted to love it so much--but it's too bulky. Some people on tFS have commented that the Spring 06 Stams are more structured than the old Stams, so there's less "slouch" or give to them. That might be part of the problem. Even after taking out all the stuffing, the bag was just ballooned out. It looked bad on me. But I'm short (5'4") so that might not have helped--plus it made me look fat :P

    My advice is to try the Stam on before you buy...
  7. hers is black fayden :sad:i might try that gift card thing and see ....i guess i will get the blue balencuaga then :smile: thanks!!
  8. Which reissue are you looking for and where do you live?

    My vote would be Balenciaga as well.
  9. I received my large grey reissue today in the mail from Saks. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it. For those that have it, did yours come already looking a little used. Wrinkly. It is hard to get into the vintage look for $2100. I'd rather do that to my bags myself. I love my ink balenciaga though and use it all the time. Half the price.
  10. I would go with the sounds really lovely. Good luck with your Chanel search though.
  11. Balenciaga without a doubt from the ones you listed.
  12. When I got mine (large and grey) from Chanel boutique it didn't come like already looking a little used or wrinkly. The leather def has a vintage look and distressed leather look but the bag still look fresh and new. Yours come in with wrinkly on the leather? Hmmm..that doesn't look right.:weird:
  13. I vote for LV Manhattan!! It's a very nice bag!. :love: :love: :love: It' a classic and stylish!!
  14. i vote for the blue city!

    good luck! i hope you find the bag, it really is beautiful