Jan 10, 2006
Ok, the queen of "no more bags" is drooling over a bag and is indecisive tonight....

Well, now I really like the Soufflet in Mandarin. It just looks so cute and I admit that I'm drawn to that little pouch thingy that comes with it....

LV prices are set to go up around 6%... That's about an extra $60 to the price of the Soufflet. Do you guys think it's worth getting the bag now? I've already bought three purses. Granted, I have yet to see one, the GD Charlotte--so I could decide to return it.

Anyways, maybe I should wait to get the bag until later? Even if it's an extra $60, maybe I should take my own advice and slow down. What do you guys think?
Noooo, Wicked, noooo! Don't do it! Stick with your plan. There will always be another bag, always be another price hike to justify purchasing it now, it never ends!

Unless you're going to jump off Brooklyn Bridge because you can't have this bag, pass!

You can do it. Be strong.
I think I should hold off. Plus I should go see it in person too.

The only way I can get the bag is if I return the GD and the Stephen Dweck ring I got. Since I budget things in my head, the second the money is spent, it's gone, even if I haven't paid the cc bill. So in my head, I'd have a substantial credit from those returns, lol.

But at that point I'd be only saving $60. It's not THAT much money in the grand scheme of things. I keep forgetting that I owe almost $1k in taxes too... Thanks guys!
haha i'm no help..but the epi soufflot in mandarin is hawt hawt HAWT! but yah, its not like its going up in price too too much....but i know what you mean $60 spent elsewhere is always better!
If you see it in person and love it, yet it :biggrin: The $60 isnt much compared to the full price of the bag, so if you get it now or later shouldnt be a problem. If you aren't ready, its worth spending the $60 later to buy it at a time when you're definitely sure :biggrin: